February 10, 2014

Rakion's Valentines Day Event

Whether you have someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with or not, Rakion's got you covered! Why go through the hassle of driving through heavy traffic, getting a seat in a restaurant or lining up for a romantic movie when you've got a great online game ready to make your heart pump faster than an adrenaline rush?

Read on for details!

New set of Bolivar
Get your hands on the new bolivar, newly improved and deadlier.
Bolivar 2 is available on shop on Feb 10

Commemoration of the new Bolivar item
Play wearing this new Bolivar Set and get +150% exp as a reward.
Also if you take a screenshot of it while playing and post it on our facebook fan page during event period, you will get a change to be one of the 20 random users. Big prizes at stake!

Compose Remover
An item that makes your item’s compose status reset is updated. Using this item, only the appearance of the item is reset and performance of the item remains unchanged.

Attain target no. round played and get free great items
Sick of playing battles without goal? Here’s what you are waiting for! Attain target No. of round played
Great free items will be rewarded for every 10 round played (accumulated) in battle mode during the event period.  Don’t miss out on this great chance to get your desired cash (some great gold) items by playing the game

Lucky break for purchasers
Every 1,000th purchaser in item shop, gift item will be rewarded. Items will be rewarded via the post.

Do email verification and get rewards
If you do the email verification during the event period, gift item will be given.

Login Gauge Flood Event
During the event period only, log in gauge speed will be doubled. Let’s go redeem login gauge with various rewards like PU Stat, PU Card, Adventurer Package, Random Capsule, various costume items, and etc.

Chocolate Box is on sale
In commemoration of the Valentine’s Day event, chocolate box will be on sale.
From the chocolate box, you will randomly get items like Coin, Adventurer’s Package 9, PU Card, and Event Core.

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