February 3, 2014

Dragon Nest 2.0: More Than Just The Level 70 Cap

While this may be old news to some people, Dragon Nest 2.0 will no longer have suffixes and potentials for weapons and armour, instead; a new system known as the "Dragon Jade System" will be implemented.

Furthermore, Dragon Nest's level 70 cap a.k.a. Dragon Nest 2.0 also includes some other new features to the game, including:

The Auction System (you can now put your items on auction and the highest bidder will receive the item which marks the end of the "S> [insert item here] BO NONR No Noob" days.)
Talisman (not sure what this is about, but it seems as though they are, basically, heraldries/suffixes.)
New Accessories (of some kind)
5 New Abyss Dungeons (Sand Sea, Lost Moon Desert, Golden Steppe, Bronze Forest Path and Lunar Eclipse Canyon.)
Higher-Grade Gems (for level 70 gear)
New Fairies (probably like the dogs/cats/manticores/etc. that can give you some extra stats.)

Enough babbling! Let's get to the update's features!

Section 1: New Saint Haven

The Teleporter NPC:

First thing you should do is find this NPC and look at her options for teleporting:

Picture of Teleporter NPC:

Posted Image

Note: You can also talk to any Royal Castle Solider to teleport to the Underground of Royal Castle or Entrance to Royal Castle

Map Guide:

Posted Image

Take Note: Right clicking on the map to auto-navigate to NPC function no longer works in New Saint Haven

In Game pictures and locations of NPCs and Portals

1. Anu Arendel Portal Area: BlackSmith Molin(DQ lvl 70), Heraldry Scholar Stas, Storage Keeper , Goddess Tear Shop Merchant, Trading House, Diassembler , Guild Quest Board, MailBox, Airship Ticketing, Dragon Monument

Posted Image

2. Black Mountains Portal Area : Guild Master, Guild War Board,  Dark Gate, Dark Lair Ranking, Guild Quest Board, MailBox, Colosseum Shop, Storage Keeper

Posted Image

3. Hermalte Port/Riverwort Wharf Portal Area: Merchant Kelly, Storage Keeper , Guild Board, MailBox.

Posted Image

4. Central Area: Beggar Loffy, Alliance Shop, Event Planner Irine, Cash Item Exchange Shop (Dark Weapons), Event NPCs

Posted Image

5. Farm Portal Area: Trainer Lindsay, Farm Manager, Storage Keeper , Blacksmith Berlin, Disassembler, Accessories Combination Shop (Not sure if SEA will get this..), Dark Priestess Mocha (Goddess Breath) Shop.

Posted Image

6. Wonderful Theme Park Portal Area : All classes NPCs, Storage Keeper, Magician Sanders (theme park shop)

Posted Image

7. Garden of Space and Time Portal:  Ancestor Gem Shop

Posted Image

Section 2: Talisman System

What are Talismans?

Talismans are a new type of equipment used to boost stats. They are kind of like heraldries except without the percentage increase. The special thing about them is you can choose to make a specific Talisman boost more stats than the others (explained in Talisman UI). The amount of stats they boost differs by Ranks, Grades and level requirement.

Talismans are only unlocked when you reach Level 60.
Talismans can be traded by sealing them. They can only be sealed ONCE.

Note: This is not really lvl 70 content...it was available during the late-60s(only from goddess breath shop and special talismans) but crafting/disassembling and drop was only released in level 70, so i consider the full system as lvl 70 content.

Talisman Example:

Posted Image

Levels, Rarity, Types and Grades

There is a definite possibility for more rarity and grades to be released in the future, but these are the currently available talismans.

Levels: 60 and 70
Rarity: Normal,  Magic and Rare. (White, Green, Blue)
Grades: Low Grade, Intermediate Grade, High Grade.
Types: Currently the available talisman can be separated into 3 categories, Offensive, Defensive and Special Talismans.

Offensive Talisman Category: Ultimate/Destruction/Magician/Bear/Wind/Intellect/Fatal/Shock/Impact
Defensive Talisman Category: Life/Health/IronWall/Tent/Blessed/Commitment/Undaunting

Note: Ultimate Talisman is under the Offensive category, but the ways of obtaining it is different from all other Talismans.

Attack Talisman
Posted Image

Defensive Talisman
Posted Image

Special Talismans

There are two categories of Special Talismans, Blessing and Wealth.
These Talismans are special because they affect the drops a monster or nests can give you.
These Talismans are untradable by any means.
You can only equip one Talisman of the same type. (Eg, equipping 2 Professor K Hell Blessing Talisman will not work, but having one Professor K Normal and one Professor K hell will.)
All special Talismans are time-limited, the duration is based on the rarity of the Talisman:

Common Rarity: 24hours
Magic Rarity: 3 days
Rare Rarity: Unknown
Epic Rarity: 7 days
Unique Rarity: 21 days

Blessing Talisman icon:
Posted Image

Wealth Talisman icon:
Posted Image

Wealth Talisman increase the amount of gold that drops from any dungeon or nest. The percentage is affected by the rarity and grade.

All Blessing Talismans increase the drop rate of a specific dungeon/nest by 50% (100% if you equip it on a 200% slot). This drop rate increase is special because its only meant for the owner. Items that drop due to the equipped Talisman is binded to the owner of the Talisman. This is shown by the name of the owner in green color together with the tag "Blessing Talisman" in gold color above the item dropped. Items that are tagged this way cannot be rolled on and will go straight into the Talisman's owner's inventory when picked up. There is however no limit to the amount of Blessing Talismans in the party, if all 8 members have Blessing Talismans, all of them will get extra drops.
This makes the Desert Dragon Nest Blessing Talisman highly coveted. Scales that only you can take...isn't that awesome.

For example:
Posted Image

Blessing Talisman do not have different grades.

Unique Rarity: Desert Dragon Nest, Memorial Part 1, Memorial Part 2 and 3, Memorial Part 4, Dragon Expedition
Epic Rarity: Each Daily Quest Dungeons, Typhoon Kim Normal, Professor K Normal, Typhoon Kim Hell, Professor K Hell.

Equipping Talismans

Posted Image

Equipping a talisman on a slot will give you the base stat of the talisman multiplied by the boost level of the slot..

You can currently equip up to 8 talismans.
You can only equip one Talisman of the same type (same as Heraldries)
There are 4 different boost levels(200%, 175%, 125% and 100%) , 2 slots per boost level. Developers have mentioned that more slots can be unlocked in the future through the cash shop.

Eg. Equipping a 49FD Talisman on a 200% slot will give you 98FD, but if you equip it on the 125% slot, you will only get approximately 61FD.

Eg. You only have 2 200% slots, say you have 3 talismans, Ultimate, Wind and Destruction. Once you have used both 200% slots, the last Talisman can only go into either a 175%, 125% or 100% slot.

If the talisman has 2 stats, both stats will be multiplied by the boost level.

You can change talismans and also their slots anytime in town by unequipping them and equipping at the desired slot. However this will cost you some gold depending on the rarity, level and grade of the talisman you are equipping/unequipping. (less than 5)

You equip and unequip talismans by right clicking on them in the inventory or Talisman UI OR dragging them to the inventory or Talisman UI.

I recommend you drag them as its easier to choose which slot you want to equip the Talisman on. Right-clicking will choose the highest empty boost level slot by default.

Therefore its up to the player to decide which stats they need more and which stats to boost less.

Where to obtain them?

1. Drop Locations

Talisman drops in dungeons of different difficulty, either from monsters/final boss or gotten from the chest selection at the end of the dungeon.
The level of the talisman that drops is the same as the level cap the dungeon is from.
Currently, dungeons below lvl 60 do not drop Talismans.

Normal - Hard level: Normal Rarity Talisman
Master : Normal Rarity Talisman + Magic Rarity Talisman of previous level.
Abyss : Magic Rarity Talisman

Whether the talisman is low grade or Intermediate grade is determined randomly, however only final bosses or purple sub-bosses have chances to drop Intermediate grade talisman.

You can get the Special Talismans(Blessed and Wealth) at a low rate from Altera Expedition.
Wealth Talismans can also be gotten from Disassembling.

Ultimate Talismans can only be gotten from disassembling, check the disassembling system section for more info.

2. Exchange Shops

Dark Priestess Mocha (DQ Shop)

You can exchange Talisman Pouches for Goddess Breaths at the Exchange NPC. Opening each pouch will give you a Random Talisman based on what pouch it is.
There is a low chance to get a Intermediate Grade Talisman when opening the Low Grade Pouch.

Exchange rates:
Posted Image

3. Crafting

See sub-section below.

Talisman Crafting and Disassembling

Crafting is the only way currently to get High Grade Talismans, and crafted Talismans have a low chance to get an extra stat (same way 3rd-stat heraldry works), and yes, its possible to get FD as that extra stat.

To craft a Talisman, go to any Blacksmith in Saint Haven and click on the Combination Tab.
You have to prepare some materials and gold to craft the Talisman.
Here you can choose the type and level of Talisman you want to craft.

Talisman Crafting UI:
Posted Image

To craft a Talisman, you would need a certain number of Talisman Fragments and one Talisman Essence. The type of fragments and essence you need depends on the level of the Talisman you are crafting.

Lvl  60: Deep Talisman Fragment and Essence
Lvl 70: Bright Talisman Fragment and Essence

Talisman Fragments can be obtained from Disassembling Talismans. Only Talismans of Magic Rarity and above can be disassembled. The type of fragments you will get depends on the level of the Talisman you are disassembling. The number of fragments you will get is fixed depending on the grade of the Talisman you are disassembling

Talisman Disassembling:
Posted Image

Talisman Essence can only be gotten via exchange at the Goddess Breath shop.
Refer to picture here for exchange rates:

Talisman Stats Examples

Here i'll give some stats examples of level 60 Intermediate Grade Magic Rarity Talismans.
Note that you can multiply all these base stats by 2x, 1.75x or 1.25x depending on where you want to equip them.

Destruction: 210 attack
Magician: 210 magic attack
Bear:  191 str
Wind: 191 agi
Wise: 181 int
Life: 878 HP
Health: 70 vit
IronWall: 404 pdef
Tent: 538mdef
Fatal: 790 critical
Ultimate: 59 FD

Preparing for Talisman System
  • Save your Goddess Breaths as you need a lot of them to exchange for Talisman Essences
  • Stock up as many Intermediate-Grade Talismans as you can and disassemble them when the crafting system is patched.
  • High Grade Talismans are worth a lot, so this effort is definitely worth it!
Section 3a: Removal of Potential and Suffix System

Im not sure if DNSEA will do the same or introduce this even earlier, but CDN got this during the Lvl 70 cap patch. Its a huge change that will take some time to get used to, but i feel its a good change after experiencing it.

Note: For now 60 unique and 60 legendary equipment is not affected by this change.

Affected Drops

Basically after this patch, All items related to potential and suffix will no longer drop.
All suffix materials will no longer drop from dungeon.
Potential transfer (cash item) will no longer be sold in the cash shop.

All suffix essences will no longer drop from nests or dungeons except the following:
  • Lvl 60 Unique Essence (still obtainable from lvl 60 hell modes)
  • Lvl 60 Unique Essence II (still obtainable from Dragon Expedition)
All potential codes will no longer drop from nests or dungeons except the following:
  • High Grade Diamond/Crystal/Agate Code (Epic) is still obtainable from chest selection screen at the end of lvl 60 hell modes at a low rate or the bonus chests.
  • High Grade Crystal/Agate/Diamond Code (Unique) is still obtainable from Desert Dragon Nest, Memorial and Dragon Expedition.
  • High Grade Crystal/Agate/Diamond Code (Legendary) is still obtainable from Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore.
After this patch, Besides lvl 60 unique and lvl 60 legendary grade equipment, All equipment drops from dungeons, nests, chest selection screens, reward chests will be replaced with the new Dragon Jade equipment. Old Suffix equipment will no longer drop. This includes all equipment including armor, weapons and accessories.
There are no differences in base stats between new equipment (Dragon Jade) and old equipment (Suffix and Potential equipment)

Newly dropped equipments:

Lvl 1-69 equipments with a rarity below Rare will have no upgrading options besides enhancement
Lvl 1-39 equipments of all rarity will have no upgrading options besides enhancement.
Lvl 40-70 equipments of Rare rarity and above can be slotted with Dragon Jade to give them additional stat boosts.

Changes to existing equipment

Old equipment:

All old equipment (equipment obtained before this patch) will recieve a tag "Old Suffix Equipment" in red at the top of the Item Information Window to differentiate them from the new Dragon Jade equipment.

Picture example:

Posted Image

Thus do take note when searching at the trading house whether the equipment is a old or new equipment.

Changes to Exchange and Crafting NPC Shops

You can still exchange suffix materials and codes at the Goddess Breath Shop
You will no longer be able to exchange for epic grade potential codes at the Heraldry Scholar.
All newly crafted Skill Accessories at the Blacksmith NPC will be the new Dragon Jade equipment.
Equipment exchanged from Goddess Tear or Goddess Breath shops will be the new Dragon Jade equipment.
Cassius Palace potential pouch has been removed from the Alliance Shop, replaced with Talisman Pouch.
You can no longer exchange for suffix materials or codes at the Collosseum Shop and all equipment replaced  with dragon jade version
Similar changes applies to the Ancestor Gem Shop. (all GA pieces will be the new Dragon Jade version)

Heraldry Scholar Shop after the patch(Picture):
Posted Image

Alliance Exchange Shop (Cassius Palace)

Note: 220113 DNKR update has added epic jade pouches to this shop

Posted Image
Introduction to Dragon Jade System

Dragon Jades are items you can slot into your equipment to give them additional stats. A Dragon jade when slotted into your equipment, give two types of stats increase. One is a fixed increase and one is a percentage increase (a combination of suffix + potential)
Percentage increases will differ based on the rarity of the jade (Epic or Rare)
Fixed increases will differ based on the rarity, grade and level requirement of the jade.
Dragon Jades can be traded after being sealed, each jade only needs one seal. Maximum 5 seal times like all equipment.

Currently, There are three types of dragon jade in existence. However only two types of dragon jade have been released.

The two released Jades:

Blue Jade : Shape: Hexgonal, Color: Light Blue
Main Stats that it can enhance: STR, AGI, INT, HP, MP,

Red Jade: Shape: Oval, Color: Red
Main Stats that it can enhance: ATK, MATK, CRIT, ELE-ATK

Posted Image

Yellow Jade: Shape: Triangular, Color: Yellow
This is known as the skill jade, it is rumored to give a suffix effect when slotted into the equipment.

Equipment Types and Slots

Different equipment types have different slots. You can only slot a dragon jade into the equipment if the slot has not yet been used. Below is the list of what slots each type of equipment has
  • Head, Top, Bottom, Glove, Shoes:  2 blue jade, 1 yellow jade
  • Weapons: 1 blue jade, 1 red jade, 1 yellow jade
  • Necklace and Earrings: 1 blue jade
  • Rings: 1 red jade
Each Dragon Jade will increase the stats of the equipment it is slotted into by a fixed amount and also apply a percentage increase. The same dragon jade might give different stats options. There are no such things as extra stats Dragon Jades.

Example: A Rare Lvl 60 Intermediate Grade Fire Enhancement Dragon Jade can either give:
Option 1: 4.55% fire attack, 105 matk
Option 2: 4.55% fire attack, 105 patk
Option 3: 4.55% fire attack, 56 patk and 56matk

Low and Intermediate Grade Dragon Jades can have up to 2-3 different options
High Grade Dragon Jades are rumored to have 35 or more different options. (Not released yet)

Example of a dragon jade

Posted Image

Level, Rarity, Types and Grades.

Like talisman, the amount of fixed stat increase differs between dragon jades based on the rarity, the level requirement and the grade of the jade. (Eg Lvl 70 can add 336 atk, but lvl 60 ones will only add 166)
However what you need to know is that the percentage differences are only based on the rarity and the differences are significant. Percentage increases work exactly the same way as potential.

Dragon Jades currently have a level requirement from 40-70, based on which level cap dungeon/nest it drops from.
e new Chaos Mode Dungeons.
Rarity and Types

Percentage increase difference between Rare and Epic

  • Destruction: 2% PATK
  • Magician: 2% MATK
  • Bear: 2% STR
  • Wind: 2% AGI
  • Intellect: 1.6% INT
  • Health: 2.5% HP
  • CRIT: 8% critical
  • Destruction: 4% PATK
  • Magician: 4% MATK
  • Bear: 4% STR
  • Wind: 4% AGI
  • Intellect: 3.2% INT
  • Health: 5% HP
  • CRIT: 15%
Note: There are no Vitality or FD increasing jades. Def and Mdef jades are rumored to exist but not released yet

Slotting Dragon Jades

You can only slot and remove dragon jades from your equipment while in town.

To slot a dragon jade into your equipment, simply right click on the dragon jade in your inventory and the UI will appear. Then right click on the equipment that you want to slot the jade into and its done!

Posted Image

To remove the dragon jade from your equipment, simply Shift + right click the equipment you want to remove the dragon jade from and the dragon jade removal UI will appear. You than choose the dragon jade you want to remove and click remove.  It would cost a little amount of gold to remove the dragon jade which would than go back to your inventory.

Posted Image

How to get dragon jades


Low Grade Jades can be obtained non-Abyss dungeons.
Intermediate Grade Jades can only be obtained from Abyss Dungeons
High Grade Jades must be crafted (Future content, works like Talisman Crafting)
Rare Jades drops from dungeons and chaos opening
Epic Jades are obtained from normal nests and future chaos mode of dungeons.

Posted Image


You can exchange for Dragon Jade pouches at NPC shops, which give a random jade

Shop picture:

Posted Image

Comparison of Dragon Jades and Suffix/Potential

At first glance Dragon Jade might seem to give less stats than Suffix, but in actuality im sure you have realized that different types of equipment give different stats. (Eg Wind2 glove and Wind2 Top, the difference is huge). The thing about dragon jade is that now your glove will give as much stats as your top. So overall i think the stats given is the same.

However this is a big boost for sorceress and a nerf to clerics/warriors because Sorceress equips used to give the lowest suffix stats but now all classes will share the same stats.

However there is a percentage nerf (compensated by higher fixed increase), and you can no longer have % crit and % atk/matk on the same weapon, nor can you have ele% and matk% on the same weapon. Also there are no jades that increase vit%, so you might see a drop in max HP.

Dragon Jade Crafting

High-grade jades can only be gotten from crafting. All other ways of getting jades currently (PVP, dungeons, nest) only give up to intermediate grade. High Grade Jades have the same % increase as intermediate-grade jades, just better(in most cases) base stats.

Dragon Jade Crafting can be accessed from the Blacksmith.
To craft a jade, you need jade hearts and jade fragments and gold.
Jade fragments can be gotten from disassembling jades. See here.
Jade hearts are gotten from the Goddess Sigh exchange shop

Jade heart exchange:

Posted Image

Crafting jades is all about luck, as there is 2 layers of randomization.

You can choose between 2 options for crafting: Offense and Defense. You will be given a random type jade from the list based on the option you have chosen.





Crafting UI:

Posted Image

The next randomization:

Each type of high grade jade has up to 31 different options, each with varying amount of stats. They range from the base stat being weaker than intermediate jades and adding bad stats (Main Stat + Critical Resist + Stun Resist) to ultra rare options like (Lots of Main Stat + Vitality). Note: FD or Elemental Attack/Defense are not included in the stats randomized.Its all a game of luck. Your crafted jade could be worth a lot or just sold to the NPC...

I will not bother doing a list of stats as there are too many options involved. But based on memory i remember the most expensive high grade jades now being:

+954 VIT + 22k HP Life Jade.
+9XX STR/AGI/INT + 3XX VIT Wind/Bear/Wise Jade.
+10xx AGI Wind Jade

and than there are bad option jades like:

+ 3xx AGI +  89 attack + 5xx Stun Resist Wind Jade (note intermediate wind jade already gives 7xx AGI, so this is bad stats.

Skill Jades

Shape: Triangular

Posted ImagePosted Image

These are jades that can be gotten from hell mode only.(challenge nest for lvl 70). They act like the old suffix effects, activating when you use your skills. The effects for weapon jades (purple) will be to increase your attack/lower a certain def/resist of the enemy. Armors jades will recover health and increase a certain defense stat. This depends on the type of jade

Example of a skill jade:

Posted Image

Preliminary testing by CDN players have confirmed that the defense increase for armor jade stacks. Armor jades have a cooldown of 30seconds and weapon jade 60seconds. Unlike suffix, their chance of activating seems to be 100%, with only the cooldown preventing them from continuously activating. It is not known if SB/BT will lower these cooldowns.

Update: DNKR 220113(This might come to SEA immediately with 70cap)

Rare jades combined into one, added additional stats to compensate (no more low, intermediate, high)
Can be equipped while sealed
Can buy at Cassius Palace alliance shop

Epic Jades: Crafting changed, now you can select the stats you want (AGI, STR, HP etc) only the stats/options will be randomed.
Can buy epic jades bag from Cassius Alliance shop.
New disassembling system update

There will be a update where the disassembler will finally become useful. The following items can now be disassembled:
  • Talisman
  • Jades
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Enhanced equipment(epic and above)
Disassembling Talismans will give you Talisman Fragments, the type of fragments depends on the level of the talisman disassembled(like skill fragments.)
Disassembling Jades will give you Jade Fragments, type of jade corresponds to the jade you disassembled
Dissassembling has a cost (1-2 gold per item)
Amount of fragments given depends on the grade of the talisman/jade (Low grade 1, intermediate 3 etc.)
Disassembling legendary equipment will give the corresponding L-grade corrupted scale, used to craft legendary equipment at blacksmith (SEA has this already so i will not elaborate)

Disassembling enhanced equipment will give you a random item from this list
  • Life Essences/Agates/Diamonds/Alteum (based on grade)
  • Gold (5-10% of the cost needed to reach the enhancement level)
  • Ultimate Awakening Heraldry (For 50S/L and below)
  • Ultimate Talisman (Only for 60 S/L /70A and above, the higher the enhancement level, the higher the chance, Legendary has higher rate.)
  • Blessing Talismans (limited duration)
Pictures to Illustrate:

Talisman disassemble:
Posted Image

Jade disassemble:
Posted Image

+10 70epic dissassemble:
Posted Image

Goddess Sigh Update

New daily item gotten from completing Chaos Mode Dungeon quests from Molin. Used to exchange for level 70-cap items.

Added goddess sigh exchange to Goddess Breath shop. 3 breaths = 1 sigh.

Posted Image

Ancient Incantation Scroll

This is a new quest item that drops in dungeons and nests.

Posted Image

When you get it you can open it up for a random quest item numbered 1-10
Each number corresponds to a dungeon/nest, clearing it completes the quest. Dungeons/Nest range from lvl60 nest normal mode to lvl 70 dungeons abyss mode.
After clearing, go to the remote quest tab in your quest log to complete it and get the reward item.

Picture of quest item:

Posted Image

The reward can be used to exchange for Seal Stamps (100%, permanent) at this npc using a certain amount of this item:

Posted Image

Exchange here:
Posted Image

Changes to Abyss Dungeon and Chaos Mode(lvl 70)

These 2 modes (abyss and chaos) will be updated with  special system where the enemies inside will have their Damage, HP and drop rate adjusted based on the number of people in the party. FTG consumption also changes. This apply for lvl 70 dungeons only currently.

Example: Solo Abyss/Chaos dungeon = 96FTG.

The most important thing is the difficulty reduction, its possible to solo abyss in 60epic equipment
However Abyss Mode has a lvl 70 entry requirement.

Chaos Mode:

Easy mode has been removed for Chaos Mode. This mode adds in new mechanics and monsters to the map, + you face 2 bosses at the end instead of one. Rewards are also better (Intermediate grade talisman and jades)

Posted Image
Credits: DN SEA Forum
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