March 1, 2011

Howling Sword Review

Howling Sword is another freaking awesome non targeting MMORPG developed by Estsoft with pretty anime-styled characters. Basically, this game is on the list of the next-gen non-target MMORPGs and is one of this new year's best MMORPG. To some extent, the target MMORPG age is over (or at least there are new modes of playing). So for those who want to try an MMORPG different to the usual Howling Sword is a good option.

The Characters in Howling Sword

They don't have character customization and they are gender locked. Therefore, if your PC is 3-4 years old, you can enjoy the insane action of Howling Sword.

The Berserk : With a huge 2-handed sword, the berserk can destroy everything in their way! They can cause much more damage than the other classes and have a good combo style.

The Swordmaster: They use an Stilleto saber to flashcut the enemies and they are pretty fast and strong. Their combo could make a pretty good damage.

The Gunslinger: The gunslingers have got dual pistols, which allows them to attack from far distances. They have pretty nice critical hits as the swordmasters, but they deal minor damage because they attack from long distance.

The Mage: They used to be the support class. With a two-handed staff, they can deal insane damages too. So be aware of them, they now have powerful magic!

The gameplay:

The game is basically party based, so if you don't have a party it will be difficult to handle a dungeon alone, unless that you play in a low difficulty.

The game has a Stamina Bar that doesn't allow you to level up fast. When the Stamina bar is over, that means you can't enter any other dungeons. It's like a level limiter.

When you die in the dungeons, you are not truly dead. You can "buy" lives to resurrect and continue killing the monsters because lives are cash item. If you have money, you can even buy more lives to explore the dungeons or you can just continue with the common amount of lives per day.

The skill animation is good enough for a game like that. It doesn't have "super graphics" but they are OK. As you can see in the screenshot below, the graphic is not so good or real, but at least it's better than other old MMORPGs (Depends on what you are comparing with).

The battle style is the better part of the game. You will never see two players playing with the same combos, which makes it a very different experience than the repetitive attacks from other targeting MMORPGs.

Credits: MMOsite

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