March 21, 2011

A Gamer's Approach to Surviving Medical School

This is lifted from my personal blog. I wrote this two years ago and apparently, it still works. I'm posting this here for the benefit of those gamers who want to pursue a career in medicine (or any other career that is time-consuming) yet are worried that it will get in the way of their gaming.

As inspired by my Plurk post and its replies, here's my wicked battle plan for every academic year I'll spend in medical school.

1. Think of medical school as just another online game.

2. Take everything one level at a time.

3. Consider it as a quest-based game, wherein the quests are consecutive and connected with one another.

4. Other people may have items with good options and you are left with the ordinary NPC items, but it's not the items that will make you reach the top but your determination to accomplish something.

5. Because it is filled with quests, find a party. It doesn't matter if it's just a 2-man party or a full party. Just have one and make sure they will not leave you in the middle of the quest.

6. In case your party does leave you or they suddenly fall dead, make sure you have HP and MP potions, and resurrect items so you can still get up and fight again.

7. Always have your combo ready. Just using one skill won't be enough to get you through your quest.

8. Don't go into the battle field without any buffs. As much as possible, secure Special Buffs (e.g. GM Buffs). They last longer, are more powerful and are more than enough to last until you finish your quest.

9. If other people PK you, don't fight back by PKing them as well. Just stick with what you're doing. Don't lose your focus.

10. Never give up on yourself. If you do fall and you're out of resurrect items, remember that you still have your Battle Aura, Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2. Mario has a mushroom and Son Goku has his Super Saiyan mode. They only have one yet you have three Supers. You can do it.


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  1. Haha, this is excellent. I've got Step1 in a couple months, so I guess I should consider that as the most important quest of the main story line. If only I'd leveled a bit more with some of the earlier side quests, and if only my class weren't full of PK-ing toolbags.

  2. Keep your focus and you'll reach your goal. Good luck!

  3. Excellent blog!

    I think I'm gonna apply these on my Med School on June.