March 21, 2011

First English Version of Dragona Coming to SEA in May 2011

Last week Korean developer Liveplex announced that Dragona Global will be released in the international market in the 4th quarter of 2011. Today, Dragona Philippines (SEA server) is teased to come in May 2011. That's to say, the English version of Dragona will land in Southeast Asia first.

There are Dragona US(global server) and Dragona PH(SEA server) and these two versions will be published by the same company, Gamesoft Technology(formerly Microgaming Technology). Gamesoft's MMO portal in Southeast Asia is Gameclub, which operates Cross Fire, Special Force, 12Sky 2, etc. As for Dragona Global, there's no official site at present.

Dragona Game Trailer






Credits: MMOsite

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