March 21, 2011

Enigma Online Announced for Asian Market

Run Up Interactive is pleased to present Enigma Online as their 5th title release in a 2-year stint in the country. It was made available to the public on March 16, 2011 as it entered the CBT phase. OBT will then follow on March 29. Players looking for a new breed of MMORPG will definitely like the game.

Enigma Online is a brand new martial arts-inspired 3D MMORPG. It boasts of rich storyline and quests, beautiful scenes, spectacular attack effects and a new dynamic combat system produced by multi-frame production format that will let players experience whole new visual effects and exciting fight scenes.

The game is developed by Taiwan-based Chinese Gamer International (CGI), that has been in the business since 2000. By partnering up with multinational company Run Up Games as its main publisher, Enigma Online, will now be published in English for the first time in the Asian region.

The story begins in the final few years of the Yuan Dynasty when it was taken over by a Mongolian Aristocrat. This resulted in a state of discontentment in the land. Slavery, extreme land taxation and lack of public improvement became major problems during this era. Starvation is evident all over the land. People get killed out of violence.

In order to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty, the five strongest clans in the Martial Arts World joined forces: the Godwit Sword Clan, Striving Club, Holy Hall, Windy Ville and the Dragon Clan. These clans have different abilities but they all follow the leadership of the Master of Godwit Sword Clan, the one who wields the Godwit Sword. They defeated the Knights of the Yuan Dynasty and reclaimed the lands. However, the Anti-Yuan Liberation Army grew stronger and more disputes and misunderstanding surfaced. It got worse when the master of Godwit Sword Clan gets murdered. The balance between the forces was broken. The Four Strongest clans mutually agreed to choose their new master of the martial arts world through a public tournament. Their goal is to own the Godwit Sword and lead the whole Martial Arts World.

Enigma Online's story starts here. Players would take on the role of this young man who came from the modern world, who is believed to be the wielder of Godwit Sword found in-game that is said to signify the holder's rights to rule the Martial Arts World, the untraceable man dressed in black, tasked to bring back the balance between the four clans, and the one who merged the Martial Artists in order to rebel against the Yuan Dynasty, the chaos from the conflict during the late Yuan dynasty, all clues that are too complicated.... The goal of the players is to become the Hero in that generation and bring back the peace and balance throughout the Martial Arts World.

Begin your journey by going to and download the game client installer. Install the game and register for an account. The game offers a brief description of the four main character classes to choose from. When you reach Level 5, you can now be a member of one of the four clans, Striving Club, Windy Ville, Dragon Clan, and Holy Hall. The game offers entertaining quests that are in line with the deep storyline of the game. The game is also newbie-friendly wherein you can choose from different tutorials to familiarize yourself with the game. You can try taking on quests on your own, or you can get your friends to join you. It also features a new dynamic combat system produced by multi-frame production format that will let players experience whole new visual effects and exciting fight scenes. Its equipment system has a very complete design. It features the "Five Elemental Bagua" link system.The link system will transform the once-normal equipment into a more powerful item. The link system also enhances the effect of the item against monsters and would most likely double its effects. Plus play Mini Games such as brain teaser, puzzle, memory games inside the RPG! Yes, the game offers mini casual games to rest from the usual leveling.

Now, this is a game! Play it now and experience RPG at its best!

Credits: MMOsite

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