March 23, 2011

Final Fantasy XIV and XI Servers to Reopen on March 25

Square Enix shut down Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV servers on March 13th for power conservation after the big earthquake. Today, the company announced to restore all servers for the two Final Fantasy MMORPGs on March 25th.

For Final Fantasy XI players, Square Enix allows them to play the game through the April billing cycle without the need to pay for monthly fee, as a compensation for server service suspension. Final Fantasy XIV still charges no subscription fee at the moment and will continue to be free in April.

The earthquake also forced the developer to delay a major update for FFXI and two patches for FFXIV. According to the latest official announcement, the update for FFXI is expected to deploy in May and the patches for FFXIV will be released in April if everything goes well.

Credits: MMOsite

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