March 26, 2011

Kim Hak Yu's New Title Project R1 to Be Published by NHN

Kim Hak Kyu, developer of the hot Korea-made online game Ragnarok Online (RO), director of Korea-based IMC Games and "Father of RO", has recently signed a 2-year agreement with NHN and announced that NHN's Hangame will be the publisher of its latest online game Project R1.

The info about NHN's rights to publish Project R1 in Japan and South Korea is specified in the 2-year agreement, and that details related to the cooperation and the game's operation schedule won't be unveiled till the middle of May, when a press conference will be jointly held by both parties.

As one of the several top game producers in South Korea, Kim Hak Kyu is as famous as the "Father of Lineage" - Jake Song and the creator of the Lineage series - Kim Hyung Tae. His games are also crowned as "blockbuster", including RO (2002 ~ 2010) that earned 350 billion Korean Won in 9 years and Granado Espada (2006 ~ 2009) that earned 50 billion Korean Won in 4 years, and are prized as perfection combinations of "quality and value" by South Korean media.

Project R1, developed by Kim Hak Kyu, is also said as the real RO 2 by South Korean media.

Meanwhile, as analyzed by South Korean media, the agreement between IMC Games and NHN this time in a sense shows that Kim Hak Kyu intends to quit Hanbitsoft. NHN is to purchase 40% of IMC Games' stocks which is now in the possession of Hanbitsoft, but the purchase is subject to further negotiations since there's a dispute over the stock price between NHN and Hanbitsoft at present.

Credits: MMOsite

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