March 25, 2011

Aika Global's Latest Dungeon Prison Despero: The Dark Labyrinth

Within the Tower of Giovanni lies an ancient Labyrinth frequented by The Great Prophet himself. Long ago, it was once used as a prison for all the traitors who have rebelled or plotted against the goddess Aika. Now, it had been invaded by some of the most powerful members of the Zereca and the entire labyrinth is under control of the evil Queen Azu.

This prison is home to new and powerful monsters that can easily cripple and destroy even the most powerful Elters around. This dungeon though, is home to various treasures ripe for the picking for those who can survive and fight their way through the evil army of Queen Azu. Also, ancient records state that the recipes for some of the most powerful equipment in all of Lakia were once stored deep inside the prison. Rumors state that the leaders of the Zereca have discovered these ancient recipes and are jealously guarding them for their power.

The entrance to Prison Despero can be found in Seer Garden of Termes and is only accessible to players who are level 61 or higher. To enter, you shall need Ceras which can be bought from Skype who is located near the entrance. We recommend that you take the level 70 “Encountering Farrel” quest from Moa Silverhorn and “Research of McLean Family” quest from Christy Piniella (Kamiron’s Dwelling) before entering the dungeon.

*Note: There are three “Secret Merchant” NPCs inside Prison Despero. There is one in the first floor, another in the second floor, and the last one is in the third floor. These NPC sell special items needed for some of the most powerful equipment currently available in-game.

1st floor – to advance to the second floor, you shall need to kill the giant lizard-like boss monster called VertRagna. When you have killed it, the teleporter to the second floor should appear at the end of that map. VertRagna can be found roaming around in the giant circular area before the first floor’s exit.


2nd floor – to advance to the third floor, you will need to kill a winged boss monster called Ashis who looks like an Ishuma type monster. He can be found in the giant central room and he is stationed near the next floor’s entrance. When you kill Ashis, the teleporter to the third floor should appear.


3rd floor – in the central corridor, you will find a set of stairs with a glowing green entrance. A teleporter will appear there once you kill the winged knight-like boss monster called Ariman. That boss monster patrols the hallway near the exit of that area. After you kill Ariman, go back to the glowing staircase in order to find the “Gate of Queen”. You will need to use it to get transported to another room where you will fight Queen Azu.


After you kill Queen Azu, a teleporter will appear and it will transport you back to the third floor. If you have the “Encountering Farrel” quest, then you should have received the Black Heart of Queen Azu after killing her.

In the last room of that map, you can find the Secret Room Transmittor. You must be in a complete party (6 Members) and all of your members should have the Fictional Black Heart to use it. If even one of your party members does not have the Fictional Black Heart, then you cannot enter the secret room.

*note: There are three kinds of Fictional Black Hearts (Normal, Hard, and Elite) which all have the same name. Please take note of which one you have before you enter the dungeon, otherwise, you will not be able to enter the secret room.

**note: If you do not have the Fictional Black Heart, then the dungeon is over and you cannot advance any more. The next thing you should do would be to leave the dungeon and pass the “Encountering Farrel” quest to receive the Fictional Black Hearts.

Secret Room – inside the secret room, you will be able to fight Farrel. After killing him, you have a chance of receiving a Green/Blue/Red Book of Farrel. Right-click that book and you will either get Recipes, or the Sullied Green/Blue/Red Bookpage which is required for the “Research of McLean Family” quest.

When you have killed Farrel, then Congratulations! You have completed Prison Despero and have proven yourselves to be some of the most powerful Elters in all of Lakia!

Credits: Aika Global

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