March 13, 2011

Taking A Shot At DD Tank

DDTank is a 2D Chinese browser-based MMO game, which was previously published on Friendster under the title of Boomz, and BoomZ Hall.

DD Tank lets you fight against your friends or with them. Stock your arsenal with a variety of weapons. Personalize your characters with awesome costumes and power-ups. Win battles to earn EXP and level up! Dd Tank is very similar to Worms and Gunbound, but runs on a browser window. There are multiple game modes, and plenty of different weapon types to use. The game also provides players with tasks and quests to complete which gives the game direction. DDTank has two game modes: Adventure and Sports. DDTank supports up to 4 players per match.

DDTank, more well-known by its nickname as Donald Duck Tank is a legendary piece of WWⅡ military invention, which, after such a long time of going rusty in the arsenal, has somehow managed to roar back into life again and is all ready to dive into water for new military tasks against anyone you deem as a possible threat.


The browser game or online shooter DDTank makes warfare a much easier and funny thing to gamers, and thus allow them to fight with a lighter heart than ever did in other weaponry-themed titles.

Graphic looks nice, characters all got their own style, and the tank-fight per se is hilarious enough. Suffice to say that DDTank will offer players an exciting and yet fully relaxing gaming experience.

There is even this interesting dating system, which will only make your virtual journey here much more sweet and memorable.

Romantic Spa

Have a vacation from the fight! The Spa is a good place to share your time and stories with friends. During the time of opening the spa will only cost gold. Every room is available to share with room between 1 to 10 players. Plus, your EXP will continue to grow while you’re in the Spa room. Spa time is limited to only 1 hour a day per player.

New Mythology — Heroes to defeat – Cthulhu

A new side task is the third option in the boatyard – Cthulhu. It includes 6 levels and a 4 member limit. The task has three difficulty levels: normal, difficult, and heroic. The higher the level is, the harder it is to accomplish the task, but the rewards become more valuable.

New Era of Armory

The dream of every player is to have +9 weapons, especially now that the Boss is much stronger than ever before. DDTank warriors are in need of much more powerful weapons.

With the new version, we’ve upgraded the armory. And now, the weapon can be leveled up to +12, and also have awesome new powers and cool designs. Now all the warriors have a chance to defeat the enemies. Try them all out!

Treasure Chest

Now all players get treasure chests, newbies and regulars alike.

The chest system is activated after the player has leveled up to 4 and will disappear when the character reaches level 20. The value and the quality of the gifts will grow with the level of the character.

Not only is the newbie chest helpful, but the online treasure chest is also a good friend to every player. As long as you stay in the game, you can receive the gifts. Players will see a treasure chest icon with the timer counting down. Whenever the clock hits zero, the player can receive more gifts and prizes.


Jumping into the game

The game has a fairly basic character creation, and leaves you only the choices of what your gender will be and the name you are given. You are also prompted to what they claim as a thirty second tutorial, but which really does take a short bit longer.(Not too long mind you). The tutorial is fairly basic and teaches what you need to know from buying new avatars to joining and fighting in a room. Even though it is fairly basic, I like when they add tutorials to games like this. This is because in some cases, which this one is included, the tutorial takes you into fighting. If you never played any artillery turned based games before, then you may be lost in the controls. But this has just enough to give you some practice before you get into the fight yourself.

The interface of the game is nicely laid out. The buttons are easy to distinguish based on the icons on them, and they are a decent size so you shouldn't have trouble making them out. Overall it's nice, clean, and easy to navigate.

New guy in town

First thing you will notice when you actually get into the game is the interface for where you go. The game presents itself in more of a town manner. You are put in the overview of the town and you're able to pick out locations throughout town which range from a chapel for your character to get married, an auction house, the store, an armory, and several other locations. Not all the locations are acceptable at once, for instance you can only get into the boatyard when you hit level nine. Some of the other locations like the auction house are not yet implemented, so it is a bit difficult to comment on how it works. Overall I do kind of like the whole interface there. It is a bit unique than other room based games like this, and gives you something else to stare at instead of just the various rooms in the game.

Wait, where is the other team?

The game does take a unique stance on room based matches. If you played games like Gunbound, then you know that when you join a room you see both sides and you pick a side, get your items, click ready, and wait for the match to begin. This game has a lot of the same things, you do pick your items and get ready to wait, but it is a bit different than that. In that you don't see or know who your opponent team will be. When everyone is ready and the host starts, there is a counter which tells you how much time has passed for you all to wait. You are waiting for another room with the same amount of members waiting for a match as well.

I see both positives and negatives to this setup, but mostly it is positive to me. The negative is that you are forced to face a random team, if you wanted to do a practice match with your friend, it's not possible. But there is a bright side to this, which fixes a problem I used to see in Gunbound a lot. That is that the opponent team is random. Let me elaborate, when you go against two teams and you know who is on either side, sometimes one team likes to play dirty. I have seen it a lot in other games where they will have one or more dummy players on your team, who will either be idle all round, purposely die, or make it easy for the other team to kill them so they can win a lot faster. So to me the positives outweigh the negatives on this, but it would be nice to be able to set up practice matches with your friends at least.

Avatars, what makes me look different from you.

I have to admit I do like the avatar system in this game. The avatars that you get do serve both the function to make you look different from the crowd, and also to help boost your characters stars just a bit more. But how they approached it is rather nice. All the avatars parts you get and see on your character, save the weapon, all boost the same stats for the same amount. So beyond giving a small boost the choice you make on how your character looks is totally up to you. So if you prefer one look over another, you can stick with that without worrying that your stats would be bad or not as good unless you put on the ugly avatar skins. That wasn't enough however, and they took it a bit further. Beyond just picking an outfit you actually have limited option to change the color of the item as well. This allows you to customize yourself even more and make your character stand out. So go crazy, get a pompadour, a cat mask, and throw some plunders, it's your right as a player of the game.

There is a negative aspect I did find to the avatar shop. One that is more minor than the other but both should be addressed. The minor one is that the only way you can get a permanent weapon or avatar, is if you pay for it with real money. If you pay in vouchers, the longest you can keep an item is for thirty days. Now I don't think that is as bad, but for me it gets a bit worse. Vouchers used to pay for the items are a bit of a pain to get. You will get a good number of them early on, especially with all the quests you will be doing, but when you fight between, it takes a long time to get enough. It shouldn't be that difficult to get the vouchers, even though I know the reason they may have done it is to get more people to pay in cash. For a casual player this is a bit of a breaker, since if you don't play this game a lot, you won't make enough to renew your items when they expire.

Another day for combat

The fighting in the game is actually quite addicting. It isn't overly complicated which should attract more players to the game who may not have played this style of mmo before, but it will still satisfy those of us, like me who used to learn the formulas for games like Gunbound just so you know where you shot would land in whatever wind.

Now unlike Gunbound you aren't always worrying about what each bot's shot weight is and how it reacts to different degrees of wind. Now there is wind in this game which can affect your shots a lot, but you don't have to learn a lot of formulas or anything like that to truly master the game.

All the different weapons, from plungers to television all weigh the same and act the same in the wind. Your choice on weapons is what you want and how you want to play. Some weapons are better at destroying land than others, and some others will allow you to get your turns faster. You may choose to stick with one or alternate to keep things different. Either way you should have fun and a laugh at all the odd and different weapon choices this game has. Also if you aren't the type of gamer that would be interested in learning a formula to play a game, ignore what I said.

While there are players that choose to play that way, there are a lot of others who don't. You don't need to learn the formula to be successful or to have fun in the game, but it is there for that extra edge for those who want to dive that much deeper. Overall I like the combat in the game and how it is simplistic enough to allow you to do well without learning any formulas, but can be deep enough to make it so if you want to dive in deeper, you have that option. There is one thing that does strike me as odd with the games combat however…..Your character doesn't walk. Through the whole thing the only thing your character will do is crawl around.

There is also another unique function to the game which I do find a bit fun and helpful. In other game of this nature, your teammates when dead either are useless or can help very minimally. In this game however they do have a role, they support the living. When your character is in ghost form they can float around and collect items in the air (unless a player shoots to get the item first.) The ghosts can collect the same amount of items as they could before, but they can use them as well. During a player's turn a ghost character can boost that player without expending the players own physical gauge to help them out. So any of the items you could use in the living, besides the constant ones on the side, you can use to help your fellow players get the upper hand. This is a great feature which helps out your team and gives something for the dead players to do instead of watching the match and waiting for it to end.

Quests, we got them.

One thing I do like is the game does have a quest system. The rewards are fairly generous as well giving you options for both weapons and avatar items. You will also occasionally get gems for upgrading your gear. What you may find different is since this isn't a mmorpg you aren't going to go to so and so to get your quests. All the quests are accepted when you meet the requirements to get them, and you are notified when you meet the requirements to fulfill them.

The quest system is fairly simplistic and straightforward which I think is good for this type of game. Though they have the town system in place, I believe it would have been too much of waste of time to have people go through a lot of dialogue to find out how they can get a quest and where, when it can just be there in front of them and they get the rewards just for playing normally.

Wait, I can fight beasties too!?

Another feature I like about the game, which players will be able to try out at level nine, is the scenario system. It is basically like instance dungeons for turn based artillery games. You and your team will be put on a map and you have to fend off beasts while going through scenarios. After each scenario you will have a pause break where you will be put back in to the room where you can restock on items, people can leave and be replaced, or just take a five minute break before you jump into it again. The scenarios also have bosses which are fun to fight with your team, though a bit easy to kill off. A neat feature for these is difficulty settings as well, if you think it was a bit too easy you can try normal or even a hard mode. At the end of the battles you are presented with a layout of cards, you can flip two cards for free and get whatever is hidden underneath. The items usually include gems, gold, Exp items, and pearls. All of which can help you out when crafting/refining your gear. The features for this are likely to expand since there is an icon for a boss mode, but it isn't selectable just yet. So this feature will likely grow as the game matures. Overall I do like this feature. It's fun, it gets you away from fighting other players, and you get to earn some items as well.

Some extra features

Though I touched a few the game is still rather rich in features. Beyond just getting your weapons and gear you can actually upgrade them by using gems and other items you find as rewards for combat and for beating AI scenarios. There is also a wedding system for those of you who may play with a friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. The wedding system also does host some bonuses and perks for the lucky couple as well. Overall the game has a lot of features that players will like, and enough to keep you busy, occupied, and interested in the game overall.


Now you think browser game, you don't think so much on the sound effect and music, am I right? Shame on you. Overall the game does have a good amount of sound effect, though some can get annoying after awhile. Beyond those in combat you will hear sometimes odd noises when you click and navigate around. Honestly, I don't think they need to have put as many effect for clicking, navigating, and so forth in.

The game does also host a wide variety of music. The tones seem to be based off the maps and locations you are on. Some are happy up beat tunes, and others you will be hearing a little heavier guitar riffs. Overall I do like the music in the game, and I am surprised they added as much tracks as they did, especially in a browser game.


The graphics in the game are a bit on the cute side, and a bit funny at that. Overall thought the graphics with the interface, battles, and characters are clean and presented nicely. It does feel more like a downloaded game than a browser game.


Despite its faults the game is rather fun and addictive. It is rich in features having players go both against other players and working together to take out some enemies and bosses in instances. So if you liked games like Worms or Gunbound, then you are sure to love this game. Just don't get caught playing too much of it in the office.


Wide variety of features
Fun addicting gameplay
Feels like a downloaded game, but played in your browser
Nice amount of customization in the avatar shop


Some of the sound effects can get annoying after awhile.
Isn't casual player friendly unless you pay real money


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