March 10, 2011

“Funmily Texas Poker”: Now Ready for the Grand Open Beta!

From the finest Chinese developers, this 100% original poker game, “Funmily Texas Poker” is now open for the world! Both the Chinese and English versions would be available online so that all players around the world would not be facing any language barrier and enjoy the most popular game. We are now ready for “Funmily Texas Poker”!

Let’s Enjoy the Royal Treatment
“Funmily Texas Poker” is different from other games with the same concept. We have designed a royal set-up right from the start, from the grand living room up to the gambling tables and suites that are patterned after different views from all over the world, making sure that everything would give you a warm feeling. This part of your journey into the fabulous world has been fulfilled by “Funmily Texas Poker”.

What makes it different from the others is that “Funmily Texas Poker” uses unique animation to create and bring the atmosphere alive: applause, cheers, All In, final winner, etc - situations that would give you a big sense of accomplishment. It fully expresses the feelings in playing the game so that you would always enjoy playing; this would definitely prevent the possibility of having dead air.

Tons of Interaction Features to keep you from leaving the game
“Funmily Texas Poker” focuses on the lack of interaction features found in similar games, that is why it improves greatly on the chatting functions. First, gamers can chat with their friends in the lobby and not be forced to stay in the same room just to chat. Also, the game breaks the Facebook game norm wherein lots of channel functions are setup that focuses mainly on the interaction of gamers with each other. Lastly, gamers can leave offline messages in-game to their friends; they can even talk to other gamers that are not on their friend list to strengthen their social circle.

It is considerate to players in the sense that they can change their chips between every round without making them feel like they need to wait or get kicked out, demonstrating non-stop gaming. Of course, “Funmily Texas Poker” did not ignore the most important thing in the game: the rewards! Now, the gamers only need to login daily to claim their bonus chips. The rewards are 10 times the usual amount given by the other games of the same type. Aside from that, you only need to accomplish the mini quests to obtain a big extra bonus: all type of valuable tools and achievement badges will let you experience the fun in playing the game!

Fusion of the Traditional Online Game and Facebook Game Style
Years of creation, from operation to the management of this online game, Funmily makes “Funmily Texas Poker” a combination of different online interactions including Facebook. Gamers are not only able to play and experience the game alone but they can also experience the traditional online feel like chat, channels, character level, gamers achievements, all types of quests, tools, etc. One of its features, and perhaps the most important, is that all games under Funmily have 24-hour online GM game support. This makes the major and minor problems encountered in the game easy to solve as the gamers would be helped with their queries on-the-spot.

Exciting Zodiac Signs Event Available for Open Beta!
“Funmily Texas Poker” has received tremendous support from gamers on its closed beta, and lots of gamers even saved up their points during the close beta period. With this, the operations team is grateful for the acceptance and would like to stress out that the closed beta would wipe out any data left: all the points would be refunded and saved for the open beta. Lastly, we have prepared the 12 Zodiac Signs Event that would be available at the same time for the Open Beta so that you would be able to experience the spring luck while playing the game and be able to feel why the “Funmily Texas Poker” is the most awaited Texas Poker Game!

“Funmily Texas Poker” 2.23.2011 is now ready! You would be blown away by how fun it is to play Texas Poker!

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