March 24, 2011

Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity 5×1

Eyefinity is something that PC gamers can brag about. Being able to have a GPU powerful enough to render a game on 3 or more monitors brings along some pretty sweet bragging rights. If you’re unfamiliar, Eyefinity technology allows gamers to play games on multiple monitors. If you have a top of the line video card you may not have to sacrifice resolution or graphics in order to game like this. But if your video card is Eyefinity capable and not top of the line, I guarantee you will have to turn down your resolution and or in-game Display Settings in order to play at a reasonable frame rate.

Recently, AMD demonstrated its respect Radeon HD 6990 graphics card part of the properties, including single card 5-screen output, and AMD developed its own technology, 3D stereo display output HD3D.

First on stage is a single card 5 Eyefinity screen output system, the system uses the Radeon HD 6990 graphics composition, and the field trial of the "Dragon Age 2" and upcoming "DiRT3".According to trial indicated that the Radeon HD 6990 with the support of the screen quite smooth, feel good.

Subsequently, AMD also demonstrated its own R & D technology, 3D stereo output HD3D. HD3D technology and NVIDIA 3D Vision technology is similar to achieve through 3D glasses, so the display effect between the two are similar. AMD HD3D support Bit Cauldron, XpanD, RealD 3D glasses and other solutions that can provide full decoding of Blu-ray movies and 3D games support DirectX 9/10/11.

A few examples of Eyefinity 5×1 that really work would be racing games and RPG’s. These seem to be the best use of Eyefinity to me. I have used a friends 3×1 Eyefinity setup playing LFD2, CS: Source and Bad Company 2 and felt that I actually had a harder time gaming. I had to basically turn my whole head to my left in CS: Source to see my mini-map and to my right to see my ammo display. In that aspect I was pretty disappointed with what I was experiencing. But with a racing game or RPG, such as Dragon Age II, This type of setup would be bad-ass, no doubt.

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