March 15, 2016

Hello From The Other Side


Pardon my very long absence; I'm sure you missed me as much as I missed all of you. I must also apologize to the PR Teams of various game publishers whom I have failed to accommodate during my hiatus.

So, what have I been up to?


Saving lives is fun, fulfilling, and fantastic, of course. But just like any RPG character we have encountered, each adventurer must prop up a tent or rent a room in an inn and rest to replenish his HP and MP. During the course of eight long months, my life was pretty much like that. I eat, sleep, and save lives (hopefully, saving the world in the process) each and every day and it took a toll on me, something had to give in.

Unfortunately, it was my gaming that suffered.

After upgrading my PC specs and all, it became a dull paperweight, used mainly by my parents to play solitaire and check their Facebook accounts. It became a constant reminder of how my medical career chewed on my gaming life.

I then had no choice but to compensate for the lack of gaming. Hence, I resorted to mobile gaming.

Sure, I wrote about Brave Frontier a year ago, but that was the only mobile game I actually featured here. I still am playing it though (and enjoying it a lot), even if I have failed to follow through with anything else for the said game.

I have since then attempted to venture back to my online gaming roots by playing Grand Chase M. I may or may not do a full feature on it (I really want to!) but let it suffice to say that I also am hooked on it. Unfortunately, my phone can only fit one game at a time, so I'm alternating between Brave Frontier and Grand Chase M, installing and uninstalling both of them as the need arises.

Yep, that's how low my salary is. Go figure.

The point is, I won't be focusing on online games anymore. I am now fully opening my loving arms to mobile games since that's what is most accessible to me right now, given the whole medical superhero saving lives gig I got. So, bring it on, everyone!

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