October 3, 2014

The Shame in Filipino Online Gamers?

I have always been proud of being a gamer - specifically an online gamer - but have always been hesitant of admitting that I am a Filipino gamer.

Before my fellow Filipinos start bashing me with their usual Pinoy pride, please allow me to explain why.

In my long years of online gaming, both locally and internationally, Filipinos have always been generalized to be rude and obnoxious players and are the number one suspects whenever there are incidents of scamming and cheating in-game. It's not something that bothers me when I'm playing a locally distributed online game but if I'm in the SEA server, it's like an arrow to the jugular.

Gamers from other countries have already singled out Filipinos as notorious in-game rascals, from the brash comments in the chatbox right down to the alleged involvement in every hacking or cheating issue. Of course not all Filipino gamers are like this, but because of the generalization and the attitude that most of my countrymen continue to show, I simply find it hard to defend my race.

The typical international trashtalking

When the trash-talking begins, don't expect a Pinoy to back down. He may be the one who started the commotion but he will never admit he's wrong. It'll be the Pinoy Pride talking from thereon. The players from the other countries usually start attacking the Pinoy by criticizing his English grammar and misspelled words. They then would proceed to saying that all Filipinas are maids until they reach the point of bastardizing our government. The Pinoy, now already hurt more than ever, continues his keyboard/chat assault by reciprocating the racist comments.

How it usually starts: A Filipino cusses in Tagalog

Now, how did the Filipinos get labelled as cheaters and hackers? It is simply because they are usually the in-game "distributors" who pass a cheat software or cheat engine from one player to another. They are usually the ones who scam other players into buying and/or selling items. They are usually the ones who are devious enough to find a way through hacking another player's game account. All this, done in the name of power and popularity in terms of game ranking and prestige. Sounds like the Philippine government, doesn't it?

Because it's easier to cheat than to have integrity
When you think about it, one can easily point out and say that the foreigners are racists. Sure, that's an easy accusation. But when you think about it, aren't we Filipinos guilty of doing that to each other too?

The main reason why I stopped playing in the PH server of any online game is because of the massive attitude problem that I get from my fellow Filipinos. Imagine going online and reading cuss words, buying and selling via RMT, and reports of cheating and hacking in your chatbox all day. Going through the game's forum doesn't change the scene or ambiance. The negativity burned down my throat like acid that playing online games doesn't seem relaxing or fun to me anymore that I decided to move to the international servers.

This is what a typical local MMORPG chatbox looks like
There were still plenty of Filipinos in the international servers but I didn't have to deal with them all the time since there were players from other countries. They do hesitate in befriending me the moment they find out my nationality but I understand. It's hard to break down a wall that continues to be built and reinforced.

Filipinos bully Filipinos. What then would stop other nationalities from bullying us?

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  1. It's so sad that those things have to happen in the online gaming world. But just like you've said, not all pinoy gamers behave like that. I just hope others will see/know that.

    And for all the pinoy gamers, I hope this will serve as a wake up call for us to play fair and nice with others, all the time. Thanks for sharing.