September 4, 2014

Night Terror Available on PC and MAC in 2015

With so many zombie games dropping on us gamers like dead bodies during wartime, it has already become such a huge part of the growing gaming culture that it has transcended its roots of lore.

Now here comes another zombie game - except that it's an MMORPG. Yes, my friends, an MMORPG.

Troy Bowen of CEO of Interactive Entertainment is proud to announce that his company is just creating and will release, “ Night Terror,” which will be available on PC and MAC in 2015. The game will be an open world sandbox MMORPG with Oculus Rift Support.

In this game of survival the possibilities are endless. Your own individual character will come to life with fearsome and endless possibilities awaiting them. All quests are optional and random which makes the game even more fun and challenging. Players can travel to many places seeking even more quest to complete.

Night Terror is a first person game where you can use weapons, build traps, and also find hidden treasures to purchase more weapons, vehicles, clothing, and shelter.Night Terror gives players a chance to survive the night. Can you?

With Night Terror promising a unique zombie gaming experience, it sure got me interested. I'm not a fan of horror, being the scaredy cat that I am, but hey, this game is an MMORPG and that's what hit me like an arrow to the jugular and said, "play this or be a zombie". Sort of.XD

With it being an MMORPG, it doesn't limit itself to just zombie encounters. The game's developers are far more imaginative than that. They have a pegasus, for chrissakes!

Think of it as a Walking Dead-esque game mixed with magic and "your bases are mine" type of thing. No, it's not bad at all! Imagine yourself being in a party in-game, fighting for a warehouse base with another party as you try to secure the place for your safety away from the horrible zombies. Now imagine being a crow and your left at the scene to pick the pieces.

Just how cool is this game, right?

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