August 1, 2012

Cabal EP9 Arcane Trace: Overhauled Crafting System

Say goodbye to those old school Formula Cards for the Basic Crafting System. Cabal's upcoming patch, Arcane Trace, revamps the entire system by discarding the Formula Cards and using an all-new system: The Amity System.

1. The Amity System

Firstly, I want to introduce the Amity System – the replacement of Basic Crafting System. Instead of working based on Formula Cards, now the Amity System works with Recipes. Hmm, let’s see… I will give you a comparison table between old and new terminologies.

As you see, no more Formula Card (even Temporary Formula Cards will be removed too), new the Amity System works with Recipe. To be able to craft an item, you need to REGISTER the recipe with NPC Chloe in Port Lux.
Yep, she’s so CUTE, but you need to reach at least level 50 (with BS Lv 6) or more to be able to talk with her. Give her SOME (yep some not always one) Chloe’s Token or just only Alz to register recipes. Want to take a look of the full recipe list? Calm down, first you need to know something more…
Recipes are sorted in different grades, there are 9 Amity Grades, each grade needs 999 Amity Points to pass. Check below table :)

As you see, your old Basic Crafting progress will be converted into the new Amity System too, so don’t be worry. For ex, if you are at Level 5 of Basic Crafting with 75,24%  before update, after update it will be around 4,000 + 75.24% * 999 ~ 4,752 Amity Point.
So there are Amity Grades and Amity Point, not so hard, huh?
So basically, you need to reach a certain amount of Amity Point to register a certain Recipe. For ex, to register “Slot Extender (Highest)” recipe, you need to reach Level 9 with AT LEAST 8,900 Amity Point ;) But it’s not everything… It’s not so easy as 1 … 2 … 3. You will need more ;) As I said above:
Give her SOME (yep some not always one) Chloe’s Token or just only Alz to register recipes.
You can choose, between Chloe’s Token(s) and Alz to give NPC Chloe for registering recipe. Do you want to … know what will you have to pay for Chloe JUST FOR REGISTERING that recipe of “Slot Extender (Highest)”? Gimme a sec…
This might make you CRY OUT LOUD, but … hmm I will spoil the TRUTH, painful truth :P You can choose between:
15,000,000,000 Alz (OMG 15 Billion of Alz) … … … or … … … 750 Chloe’s Token.

Don’t ask me what is better… I don’t even know :D

Take a look at Requesting UI before keep going…

1 – Current Amity Point
2 – Amity Grades
3 – Requesting Duration
4 – Possible Results

Okay, let’s skip that boring part about Alz ;) Let’s imagine that by some miracle, you got 750 Chloe’s Token and you registered that O-M-G recipe :) So you can now try to CRAFT it by talking with NPC Chloe, do the REQUEST. To make your request being valid, you need to supply the materials. I won’t spoil all the materials needed for SEHH requesting but there is A SEH in the material list :P And by the way, the chance to success of requesting IS NOT 100%. That means you can be FAILED in request. And FAILED means you will lose all supplied materials *included precious SEH :P *
Regardless of the success or failure, you still gain some Amity Point if you requested the recipe in the same grade with current Amity Grade. For ex, trying to request a Recipe required 4,200 Amity Point will give you Amity Point if you are at Amity Grade 5th (4,000 ~ 4,999 Amity Point) but it won’t give you any point if you are already at Grade 6 or more. Nothing strange, same rule with old Basic Crafting System ;)
By the way, there is a tip for you, the Requesting progress will take time (check above screen at No. 3). Once you started requesting the timer will start whatever you are here or not (even you go offline, the timer will keep running). So you can start requesting, go to have your breakfast and when you back, everything is ready ;)
After all, there is a small information about Chloe’s Token, it can be obtained by two ways: From daily quest (talk with Chloe daily to get it) or buy directly from Cash Shop (it’s available in Korean Cash Shop, I have no idea if it would be there or not)

Before switching to the another Crafting System, I want to give you the full recipe list, there is not so much recipes *cough* only *cough* *cough* 212 recipes…
It will take ages if I put the full list of recipes here >_< Gimme another sec >_< Hmm, in fact I made the full list of recipe into a single image but I guess it will be silly if I put it here, coz it’s 487px x 4261px :|

So I decided to put them one-by-one, each Amity Grade in a single image. Here is first, Amity Grade 0 (that’s the replacement for Temporary Formula Cards) everyone from Level 50 (with BSLv 6) or more can use them.
Each grade in a single image is not a smart idea, I will merge some :P Here are they…

I’ve just received a question about Proof Crafting, so I want to make clear that : There is NO MORE PROOF crafting, now you just need to reach the maximum Amity Point of an Amity Grade then Pay Alz for leveling up to next Amity Grade.
A final note, DO NOT ASK me about the material, I won’t spoil them out. Since that make the game more boring ;) Now I will switch to the Production System…

2, Production System

Basically the Specialized Crafting (aka Professional Crafting) is now renamed into Production System. That’s all? Oh nope, be cool, there are tons of CHANGES ;) Let’s find out :)
First, I want to introduce about the Crafting Categories. Instead of categorizing crafting in 5 big categories:
- Swords (Blade / Katana / Greatsword / Daikatana)
- Artifact (Ring / Amulet / Orb / Crystal)
- Armorset (WA/FS gears)
- Battleset (FA/FB gears)
- Martialset (WI/BL gears)
They are now categorized into smaller categories. Check below image, there are 38 categories now.

It’s NOT DOUBLED, there are SEPARATED categories for same kind of item but they are different, in fact. There are 3 types of output:
- Craftsman’s Item – Lime Named
- Craftsman’s Item with Great Success – Yellow Named
- Master’s Item – Purple Named

The Craftsman’s Item is the popular output of Production System. It has only one Craft Option, and it’s the option you have selected before producing . Sometimes, randomly the output of Craftsman Item producing can be more special, it’s called Craftsman’s Item with Great Success. A random option will be added along with the main option. That means it will have 2 options.
Beside the Craftsman’s Item, you can try to produce Master’s Item, it will have for sure *always* 3 options, with 1 pre-selected option *aka main-option* and 2 random options. Check the below image for more details.

As you can see, better grade of output doesn’t mean better option value. An item can be Master’s Item but all the options are not Max but a normal Craftsman’s Item can have a max option ;) It’s random! (And random sucks hard in Cabal >_<). Anyways take a look in Item Grade List, here are all the grades that you can choose in Production UI. Remember some notes:
- G : Craftsman’s Item
- GSC : Craftsman’s Item with Great Success
- E : Master’s Item

As I mentioned above, when trying to produce items, you can select the MAIN OPTION. Check the Production UI for more details.
In the Manufacturing options, you can select the MAIN OPTION (2nd list box)

Another tip : You can select up to 6 categories to be owned at once (you can delete a learned category and learn another if you want).
Back to the Production System, here is the list of Main Options that you can select before starting to produce.

A little note : There is no more Proof in Production System too, since you can try to produce up to Mithril grade items from start (when you acquired a Production Category).

Credits: MrWormy
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