August 1, 2012

Cabal BM3 Combos Guide

Maximize your newly-acquired BM3 by knowing what combo works for you.

You are going to read little guide for bm3 combos and in what sequence of synergies to use.

As we all know each class has 3 different synergies. We definitely can divide them (by overall dmg/dps given) into: Good; Medium; Bad.

For example BL:
Frontal Attack - Good
Increased Fighting Spirit - Medium
Accumulated Dagamge - Bad

Explode Anger - Good
Increased Fighting Spirit - Medium
Break Armour - Bad

For each class you can find out yours ones by using BM3 damage calculator:

Using that calculator and my own tests (believe or not they prove results given by calc) we can find out that combination of Good-Good-Medium synergies gives the best output dmg/dps for WA/BL/FA and Good-Medium-Bad for WI/FA/FB.

Now to the main part:
To conclude all I said before we are trying to find out which combination of synergies will give the best output dmg and in which cycles would it be good to use them.

So here they are (BL/WA/FS);
For "basics": Good - Good - Medium - Activate - Repeat
For "hardcores": Good - Good - Medium - Activate - Medium - Activate - Repeat

And (WI/FB/FA):

For "basics": Good - Medium - Bad - Activate - Repeat
For "hardcores": Good - Medium - Bad - Activate - Good - Activate - Repeat

Activate means to use Fatal attack I.

Why there are 2 of them?
As we said before Good-Good-Medium (Good-Medium-Bad) synergy combination gives the best output. We are using it at start. After pressing Fatal Attack your synergy will be activated and you timer will begin ticking (12 sec - BL/WI/FB; 13 sec - FA/FS; 15 sec - WA ). This time is totally enough to reapeat Good-Good-Medium (Good-Medium-Bad) and Activate again without losing dmg/dps.
"Hardcore" one adds one more synergy after first activation to stack with previous one. This combo will give you just a little bit more dps due to one more Fatal Attack In the other hand: it is harder to perform compared boost given.

Seems many words and complicated. But on practise it is easy. Find out yours Good,Medium,Bad synergies and use "basics" or "hardcore" combination for the best result.

Example for Blader
"Basic": AABA - AABA - BAAB - Fatal Attack I - Repeat
"Hardcore": AABA - AABA - BAAB - Fatal Attack I - BAAB - Fatal Attack I - Repeat

1) While mob has low hp Activation can be extended with Fatal Attack II and III to finish killing.
2) This guide was written after around 150 tests of BM3 BL on bosses with high def (Pluma/Leth/Tyrant/Manticore)
3) If you find out something that will be better, I will be pleased to add it / change in this guide.
4) All target debuffs from synergy (such as -5% def , -25% cd resist etc) do work for rest party members. Just add this debuffing synergy into "hardcore" instead of Medium (Good) after first activation while you are in party. It will be more effective then 10% amp for yourself (for example).

1)Here are tables for easier understanding:
 Click image to enlarge

2) And some more combinations:
  Click image to enlarge

Credits: Cabal EU
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