December 4, 2010

Aika Mirza Air Garden Guide

“In the uppermost reaches of the sky lies a floating island once inhabited by the oldest and wisest of the Mirzas. It was said that only Mirzas who live to be 120 years or older were allowed to reside in the beautiful city built atop that mystic land. There, the inhabitants were to live the rest of their lives in peace and serenity.

Eventually though, the new Sahrar Ungor struck a deal with the Zereca in order to invade the once peaceful and heavenly island. With their ruthlessness, the evil forces of the Zereca were able to overtake the Air Garden and slaughter its former inhabitants. Thus, the ancient paradise of the wise Mirza has been turned into just another blood-soaked fortress of war.”

~Ancient Mirzan History

After Mirzas get old, they use a portal to go to the air garden and spend rest of their lives there. The air garden is known as the place where Mirzas are granted eternal life and also a place created by 'Scinic' who is praised by Mirzas as the god. Before, Mirza's Air Garden could only be entered by those who were granted access by Sahrar. However, there is a rumor that new Sahrar Ungor often enters this place with his royal guards.

The entrance to this dungeon can be found at Ungor’s Forest: Altar of Ascension.

Use the blue glowing hexagonal crystal to activate the dungeon.

Requirements for entry:

• One party only and all members should be level 51 or higher

(for all available modes).

• Required Items for all members (sold by Darden the NPC):

o Ceras Lower Class (Normal mode) – 30,000g (without tax)

o Ceras Middle Class (Hard mode) – 60,000g (without tax)

o Ceras High Class (Elite mode) – 120,000g (without tax)

• There is no waiting time limit. The dungeon can be entered

multiple times a day.

• The time limits in this dungeon is relatively long:

o Normal – 3 hours

o Hard – 3hours and 30 minutes

o Elite – 4 hours


First Area:

Here you will find Air Garden Gladiators and Air Garden Assassins (ranged). In the latter half of this area, you can also find Air Garden Royal Guards. There are a lot of mobs in this area and you need to be careful of the Air Garden Assassins who can paralyze you with Virulent Arrow.

Second Area:

This area is composed of a long series of eight rooms. Each room contains Mutant Minions (melee plant creatures), Hames of Curses, and Lazapas of Fury (melee demon types). The latter rooms have Hames of Screams as well. In these rooms, the mobs are all very close to each other so you will need to be careful with lures. The Lazapas also have the Warrior’s charge attack which can stun players for a few seconds.

Third Area:

The third area is a very long hallway with several enemies. There are Air Garden Gardeners, Thorn Minions, and Flams of Freezing. Here, the Thorn Minions can cast Wooden Thorn which can slow you, and the Flams have the ability to freeze you.

Fourth Area:

This is a medium sized room filled with Air Garden Spearmen, Air Garden Royal Soldiers, and Air Garden Snipers (ranged). You can also find Flams of Prohibitions here. In this area, the monsters usually bunch up into teams so you may need to kill them two to three at a time. The flams also patrol the area here and there. The Air Garden Snipers here can also cast Virulent Arrows that can paralyze players for a few seconds. Also, the Spearmen and Royal Soldiers can use small AoEs.

There are two bosses in this room: Bodyguard Captain Ahorn and Royal Guard Captain Garine. The two can cast Storm Blade which can both Silence and Immobilize


Fifth Area:

This is a short room that looks like a swamp. This area houses Pus Butos and Herculean Bubas. The Pus Butos first cast Poison Sac, a ranged Slow debuff. Then they also use a small AoE gas attack that inflicts the Poison Pus DoT status ailment. The Bubas, on the other hand, can use AoE attacks.

On the last area is the boss named Gigantic Buto Ignahan. This boss can cast Buto-Buto, an AoE paralysis debuff. He can also buff himself with Poison Fluis that increases his defense, and he can cast Sleeping Sac when his health is low.

Sixth Area:

This area is filled with Deep Wood Trivions, Poison Needle Minions, and Ancient Trents. The Deep Wood Trivions can cast Sticky Sap, a slow debuff while the Poison Needle Minions can cast Poison Needle, a paralysis attack. The Ancient Trents can also cast Poison Needle and Poison Pus, a powerful DoT AoE.

Seventh Area:

The next are is also another hallway, this time with Deep Wood Trivions again and Titans. The Titans are basically bigger Bubas that have more AoEs and can stun with Powerful Hammer Chop. A few Poison Needle Minions can also be found here.

Eighth Area:

This area is rather small and it contains Darkness Croshus, Darkness Hunters, and a Gaff of Demolition. The Darkness Hunters can use Steel Whip Tail which can stun and a Darkness Breath AoE which reduces hit chance and can slow. When the Hunters have low HP, they can cast Steel Roar which enrages them.

The Gaff of Demolition here can use Touch of Demolition which is a slow debuff and a Light of Demolition AoE that can silence. In this area, you can harvest a lot of Glambeks.

Ninth Area:

Here you can find a few Flams of Electric Shocks, Iron Needle Minions, and Air Garden Managers. The Flams can cast Lightning Touch which is a DoT and the Minions can cast Steel Thorn which is a DoT that slows and reduces healing. The Air Garden Managers on the other hand can do small AoEs.

Tenth Area:

This are once again has Deep Wood Trivions and Poison Needle Trivions. It also has two Blood Witches. The Blood Witches can cast Thorn Strike which reduces healing. When their HP is low, they can cast Blood Curtain which increases their damage. That Blood Curtain also heals them if they take damage.

Eleventh Area:

This is a medium sized area with a tree in the middle. You can find two Gaffs of Demolitions here as well as Bloody Croshus and Bloody Hunters. Those Croshus and Hunters can cast Steel Spine Tail and Spine Tail which reduces healing value, and Blood Red Breath which reduces Armor Value.There are also a few more Glambeks in this area.

Twelfth Area:

This is a long area that has Lapiko’s Trivion (ranged) that can cast Acid Sap to reduce armor value. This area also has Hames of Cure (ranged) which can slow you with Raise Thorn, as well as heal itself. There are also Hames of Hypnosis here which can cast a sleep called Hypnotic of Forest and Thorn Awn that reduce healing. Near the end of this area, you will see fat orange flower stalks as part of the background. This is where the Lapiko’s Tatanas appear. Be careful as they might take you by surprise. At the end, you shall see two Hames of Cures and the boss Goddess of Wood Lapiko. Lapiko can cast Deadly Poison Thorn which is a strong DoT that can petrify. She can also cast Thorn Awl which reduces healing. She can also use Seed of Forest which inflicts massive damage after a certain time and Hatching which can paralyze.

Thirteenth Area:

This next area has Shiraz of Hells which are demon type knights. They can do small

AoEs and cast Fear of Death which is the fear status. If you take the West Path, you will go to an area filled with Darkness Hunters and Bloody Hunters. If you go to the NorthWest Path, you will find a clearing filled with Lazapas of Blast and Shiraz of Hell. The Lazapas of Blast are mostly similar to the Lazapas of Fury in that they can stun and have a powerful melee AoE.

In this room though, you will find Sahrar Ungor which can cast Powerful Storm Blade that immobilizes and Silences. He can also inflict Fear of Death. Once Sahrar Ungor dies, two Ungor Protect Souls spawn. These are basically more powerful versions of the Gaffs of Demolition.

Final Area, the Coliseum:

Here the main entrance is guarded by two Shiraz of Hell. The outer area has a few groups of Hell Wing Vespers that can inflict Super Sonic, a silence debuff. Inside the arena, you can find several Gaffs of Nemesis. These gaffs can use Armor of Demolition that can reflect damage. There are also two Shiraz of Hell beside the Seridunn Statue.

In the center, you will find Gorr, the giant plant-like monster. He can cast Raise Thorn which is a DoT immobilization debuff. Before you kill him, make sure that you all have slots in your inventory. Gorr will drop the Gor’s Heart which you will need to summon Seridunn.

After Gorr dies, go to the northeast side of the arena to find the Totem of Seridunn. Use Gor’s Heart on it to awaken Seridunn from her slumber. Seridunn is a “Mixed” type boss monster that has a lot of AoEs. She has a wide variety of tricks, like Spirit Absorb and Pain Reverse. Pain Reverse is a buff that reflects damage dealt to her and also heals her when she receives damage. She can also cast Wound of Ground which decreases armor value. She can also cast Touch of Heaven’s Judgment which is a silence skill. She can also stun with Heaven’s Judgment when her health is low. Aside from those, Seridunn can also cast Fear, so this shall be an extremely challenging battle.

Additional Notes:

1. Seridunn drops Cores of Seridunn:

• Seridunn (Normal) – Blue Core of Seridunn

• Seridunn (Hard) – Green Core of Seridunn

• Seridunn (Elite) – Red Core of Seridunn

o Seridunn’s cores are tradable and when opened turns into a wide variety of

Magic Crystals.

2. In Mirza Air Garden Normal and Hard, you can receive Rank-C Hiras and Kaizes,

while in Elite, you will be able to obtain Rank-B Hiras and Kaizes.

Credits: Aika Wiki, Aika Global

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