December 20, 2010

Blade & Soul: 'The Soul Party' Feedback

Following the great surprise that Blade & Soul brought to players at this year's G-Star, NCsoft held a non-public game test party called "The Soul Party" last week for their high-level members, and surprisingly made public a brand-new game version different from the one at G-Star 2010. The version presented in the Party features more gorgeous and saturated graphics when compared to the early one, and makes players no more restricted to starting areas but able to adventure around a wider gaming world.

The party still focused on the PvE gameplay in the wild and the PvP combats, with the anticipated PvE instances not available yet.

The whole Party lasted from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., where various events like the PvP matches and lucky draw were open to the participants. As the level cap of the game version involved in this Party was Lvl 40, players generally leveled their characters up to Lvl 10 or so.

In the Party, the game followed the storyline of its G-Star 2010 version at first, i.e. the main character reached a mysterious village by sea and began to take storyline quests. Most players later chose to team up with others to do quests and level up, so you can see that the scenes shown in the screenshots mostly depict how players fought together.

Finally, when the Party was over, two "MVPs" were selected respectively from among the male and female players through votes, and both received iPad from NCsoft as a reward.

As players said, Blade & Soul offers them uplifting and stimulating PvP combats, and does make a breakthrough in comparison with the traditional online games. They firmly believed that the game with easy controls would definitely have a bright prospect.

Here is a gameplay video taken during the party:

Credits: MMOsite

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