December 8, 2010

Cabal Episode 5 Mercenaries First Impression

These are all first impressions, of course, so expect more blogs in the near future with much more detailed information. Let us start with the Mercenaries. Handling and obtaining them seems more complex than I first expected, although I have not spent too much time with the various different Mercenaries yet. I suspect that there might be a fair amount of questions about them once the update goes live, so I would recommend that the Advisors, and more civic-minded members of the community, try to get as much information as possible to help those who has no idea that we even have a forum to find help.

The Mercenaries provide fairly small bonuses, at least the first ones that you get. Also, and I suspect that many people were waiting for this bit of information, it is not possible to cast party buffs if you only have a Mercenary with you. Sorry, but you will still have to play with real people to cast SP and Fury.

Moving between channels is much quicker now as well, and yes, you do get warped to the spawn point of whatever map you were in when you changed to another channel. Changing channels is about as fast as changing maps, at least on the test server. It might be slightly slower on live, but still much faster than the current system.

The drop rate does seem much better now, with a decent variety of crafted gear coming from all the higher dungeons. Sure, some of it does come out with the feared def rate craft, but there are much, much better equipment that can be found now This change should really lead to more dungeons being finished.

The two new Essence Runes are decent, and I can confirm that it is in fact Max Critical Rate, and not just Critical Rate. So, with some luck and a load of AP you can have 3% more Maximum Rate, which is something that every high-level character will probably be aiming for.

Credits: Cabal EU

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