December 4, 2010

Cabal: Mercenaries Patch Notes

Straight from the busy office of ESTSoft in South Korea we have received ( finally) the updated patch notes Cabal Episode 5: Mercenaries. The update is jam-packed with lots of additions and changes that will probably fuel your delight and provide you energy for a couple of sleepless nights during this Holiday season.

Estimated time of arrival of the patch is on the second week of December. Testing of the patch will happen starting this week and once ok, manual patch will be released to the public for you to download. Please take note that the notes below are not final and are SUBJECT TO CHANGES.


1. Mercenary System

A. Details

- A system which the user can summon a Mercenary during dungeon play.
- The Mercenary attacks the target monster. (Boxes/Gates/Traps are not applicable)

B. Purpose

- Support single play users.
- Make up the lack of party members.

C. Method

i. The Mercenary card has no functions when just kept in the user inventory, and registered to a special UI when right clicked. (There are no limits in register quantities, but identical Mercenary cards cannot be registered again)

ii. To use a Mercenary, a separate item for summoning is required.

D. Details of Mercenary cards.

i. It is tradable before, but becomes account bind after registered to the character.
ii. Only usable in Dungeons (DX, Quest, Mission, Etc)
iii. Maximum 1 Mercenary can be summoned at a time, and automatically disappears when the character dies.

E. Details of item for Mercenary summon.

i. A separate item is required in summoning Mercenaries.
ii. Summoning items have two types; Stackable but consumable item & Un-stackable periodical item. Both items cannot be registered to quick slots.
iii. Details of the two types

F. Details of Mercenaries

i. Grades
Normal, Epic, Rare & Unique

ii. Skills

iii. Each Mercenary skill has 3 minute cool time.
iv. Mercenaries are recognized as a party member, so the users cannot excess the maximum party members 7 including Mercenaries.

EX) The maximum Mercenary summon number of a 4 party member dungeon play is 3.

Sample image of Mercenary Cards:

2. Additional pet equipping system

A. Summary
- Equipping both pets at the same time is possible.
B. Details

- All 2 pets which are equipped in the basic/expanded slots gains pet EXP.
- Only the pet options applied to the basic pet slot will have effect to the character.
- All 2 pets in the basic/expanded pet slots will be shown in the game when equipped.
- ‘Pet Slot Extender’ is required to use the additional pet slot.

C. Pet Slot Extender

- An item which extends the character’s pet slot.
- Consumable and periodical instant item.
- As the useable period expires, the summoned pet at the expanded slot is unequipped from the slot, and the slot will be shown in red.

3. Additional Runes

A. Max Critical Rate Up rune added.
Usable above Lv. 147

B. Critical DMG rune added.
Usable above Lv. 147

4. New Soul, Honor Quests added.

A. Quest dungeons: Illusion Castle Radiant Hall, Illusion Castle Underworld
B. Start NPC: Rune Agent Flasha in Bloody Ice
C. Start item: Plate of Soul
D. Start Lv.: 160

5. Agent shop introducing Quest ‘Hursurf’s agent shop manual’ added

A. Start NPC: ‘Hursurf’ in Bloody Ice
B. Level Requirement.: Above Lv.10, Class level 1 (Do not need to complete the battle style level-up quest)
C. Mission: NPC conversation
D. Reward: None

6. Mission war introducing Quest ‘Introducing the Mission war’ Added

A. Start NPC: Instructor Harper in Port Lux
B. Level Requirement: Above Lv.52, Class level 6
C. Mission: NPC conversation
D. Reward: None

7. Agent shop convenient functions added

A. Previous/Next/Search functions.


B. Favorites functions.

8. Able to move Channel within the same world without logging out.

9. Character buff saving function added.

A. The buff effect will be saved for 5 minutes after the character logs-out.
B. Buff potions except holy waters will also be saved.
Saving Craft single buff potion effect will be added soon.

10. Large scale item transaction function added to NPC shop.
A. Function can be used by Alt + Mouse left click.

11. Function of using Core Enhancers in large quantity added.
A. Designate the quantity use by right clicking on Core Enhancers.

12. Able to drag certain numbers of price in the agent shop.

A. Drag by Shift + Left/Right arrow keys, Home, End.
B. Able to delete certain numbers by Delete, Backspace keys.
C. Image

13. Dungeon information UI added.

A. [CABAL menu] > [Dungeon] > [Dungeon information]

B. Check minimum dungeon entrance Lv. / Battle style Lv., maximum party members, and dungeon location.
C. Added user entrance available dungeon list view function.

14. Dungeon channel chatting function added.

A. User will automatically enter the dungeon chatting channels as entering the dungeon (Except quest dungeons).
B. User will automatically leave the chatting channel out on dungeon Clear/Fail.
C. Shows the remaining time of the dungeon on the channel chat window.

15. Dungeon record UI added.

A. Each dungeon entrance UI shows the clear ranking record.
B. There are single/party ranking records, and they are renewed every hour.
C. Only the ID of the party leader is shown when the dungeon is played by party and renewed every hour.
D. The characters which the nation is set as GM are excluded.

16. Show the date of creation / access location of the character in the Select Character window.

17. Added character equipment view function.

A. Users can use the function by right clicking the ID in the buddies, guild, character menu, and chatting and choosing ‘view equipment’ menu.

B. Users can set at game tab in option  checking or un-checking ‘Allow equipment view’ in the character function menu.

18. Changed the reward box of the hidden quest in Illusion Castle Underworld.

19. Dungeon convenient functions added.

A. Added Start/Leave button for those who wishes to leave the dungeon without consuming entrance items.

B. Added “Give Up Dungeon” function.

- [CABAL menu] > [Dungeon] > [Give up dungeon]

- If the user gives up the dungeon, additional entrance items will be required when re-entering.

C. Added Dungeon pause function.

- [CABAL menu] > [Dungeon] > [Dungeon pause] during dungeon play.

- Basic keyboard shortcut: ‘ , ’
- Users can set the shortcut in [Option] > [Keyboard Setting]
- Users cannot use any other functions except chatting while pause mode.
- Dungeon pause function cannot be used during party play.
- Dungeon pause function cannot be used while combo mode is activated.
- After un-pause, the function will be unable to use for 1 minute.

20. Added new WEXP exchange NPC to mission war lobby

A. NPC name
- Capella: Contribution Officer Olivia
- Procyon: Contribution Officer Kyle
B. Exchange certain amount of WEXP with armor/essence Rune Cube.


C. All of items from cubes are account bind except those from Essence Rune Cubes.
D. 4 types of armor will be created with 25% chance each
E. Able to produce rare/SIGMetal grade armors up to 2slot / item rank 6

21. Added mailing system
[/indent]A. Added send mail function.
B. Attaching items and Alz to mails is available. (Additional fee will be charged)
C. Sending mails to character in the same account is not allowed.[/indent]

22. Added new quest ‘Ring of the Tyrant’

A. Start level: Above Lv.125 (Battle style level 11 or above).
B. Start NPC: Core Alchemist Sullivan in Desert Scream.
C. Acquisition of Ring of Evil Spirit By hunting Leth Tyrant.
D. Reward: Ring of Tyrant (Unique / Account bound / Above Lv.125)
E. Item option

23. Added new Premium DX dungeon ‘Catacomb Frost’A. Added new category on Agent shop
i. [Dungeon Entry Items] – [Premium DX] – [New Frozen Clue]


1. Changed the difficulty level of certain dungeons.

A. List of changed Dungeons
- Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Forbidden Island

B. Changed details

[General details]

- Decreased the HP of normal and boss monsters in certain dungeon.
- Increased the HP Regen Rate and attack damage of certain monsters.
- Decreased the defense of certain monsters.
- Decreased the damage of certain normal and boss monsters.
- Increased EXP amount of certain normal monsters.

[Illusion Castle Radiant Hall]
- Changed some monsters to have HP Regen Rate

[Altar of Siena B2F]
- Decreased the damage and attack range of Dorigo

2. Changes in drop of certain Dungeons.

A. List of changed Dungeons
- Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Forbidden Island

B. Details of Changes

[General details]
- Item becomes account bind when used.
- All weapons, armors randomly drop with +0~+5 upgrade rate.
- Changed so that some weapons/armors with epic option level 6 will drop.
Ex) Mystic Headpiece of Deathblow(Critical DMG UP) with epic option level 6, epic option level will be 6% to 18% of Critical DMG.
- Slot Extender (Highest) will be dropped.

[Illusion Castle Underworld]
- Increased drop rate of Lycanus’s 1 slot unique weapons
- Changed drop rate of rare epic grade weapons/armors with up to 2 slots / item rank 6.

[Forbidden Island]
- Changed drop rate of SIGMetal epic grade weapons/armors with up to 2 slots / item rank 6.

[Altar of Siena B1F]
- Changed drop rate of rare epic grade weapons/armors with up to 2 slots / item rank 6.

[Altar of Siena B2F]
- Changed drop rate of SIGMetal epic grade weapons/armors with up to 2 slots / item rank 6.

[Illusion Castle Radiant Hall]
- Changed drop rate of Mithril epic grade of weapons/armors with up to 2 slots / item rank 5.
- Critical DMG UP Rune dropped.
- Increased drop rate of Drosnin’s Earrings

3. Changed the spawn number of ‘Bloody Lihorn Zombie’ to 3, and changed to be not aggressive to users.

4. Changed slot number for Essence Runes from 13 to 15.

5. Changed character maximum AP acquire amount from 500AP to 700AP.6. Changed the UI of Help on Upgrading items to be shown by clicking the “?” button.

7. Alarm message will be shown when there completed but un-rewarded daily quests when the character logs-off.

8. Changed the size of the buff icon on the right side of screen from 40 x 40 to 32 x 32.

9. Changed the price of Force Amplicator to 100,000,000 Alz at NPC shop.

10. Removed all the maze maps from the Quest dungeon.

11. Changed the dropped buff potion effect time from 3 to 10 minutes (Weaken dungeons)

12. Decreased the required quantity for collecting items of certain Honor quests and increased drop rate.

13. Changed the name of some items

A. Current
- Life/Mana potion
B. Changed
- HP/MP potion

14. Changes in option UI

A. Removed the ‘Set Up’ tab.
B. Added “Display” tab
C. Added the option of normal attack to be allowed during automatic attack.
- Option > Game

D. Added the option of ‘open the system menu’ by clicking ESC
- Option > Game
E. Added the Option UI open/close on ‘Key Set-up’
F. Changed the button of entering Channel chatting

15. Users are now able to use movement skill(Dash/Blink) in Towns, Warp Centers, Safety Areas.

16. Changed Skill UI to be able to be re-ordered by drag-dropping skill icons.

17. Changed the Aura code change quest ‘Inner Discovery’ to repeatable quest.

A. Start NPC: Instructors in Bloody ice, Desert Scream, Green despair’
B. Level Requirement : Above Lv. 10 (Class level 2 or above)
C. Start items : Aura Transmuter (Core Alchemists in each village sell it at 10,000,000 Alz)
D. Mission: NPC conversation
E. Reward: Change Aura Code

18. Changed some buttons to be ‘disabled’ in certain situations.
A. Select Character – During Mission War
B. Change Channel – During Dungeon play

19. Changed Juke box to only display the BGM that is currently played.

20. Improvement of WExp Exchange.A. Added new UI when selecting ‘WExp Exchange’ from Officer Morrison on Port Lux.

21. Changed Premium item UI

A. Changed the UI name of Periodical Service to Premium Item (Details : Total information / Short-term service / Others)
B. Added Essence Rune, Title, National Reward to UI

22. Deleted ‘Epaulet of Dead B2F’ which was sold by Fort Runia’s Grocer.


1. Corrected error that weapon equip/unequip wasn’t able while buffed


1. Added check UI to be shown when user uses Gift box items.

2. Corrected error that the speed of bikes & boards become extremely slow after Holy Water of Speed effect expires.

3. Added new Epaulets.

4. Added new item: Chaos Box – Avatar (Premium)

5. Added new item ‘Protection of Veradrix’

A. Item enables character to restore 100% HP when character dies within 2 hours after item use.
B. The effect will be expired when the user doesn’t dies for 2 hours after item use.
C. Can be only used in dungeons. (Cannot be used in Mission War)
D. Items are able to set on quick slots and use by quick slot keys

6. Added new Blessing Beads

7. Changed name of some cash items

8. Added Cash Titles.

9. Added pledge of Sacrifice/ Protection

A. Pledge of Sacrifice

i. When the user uses ‘Pledge of sacrifice’ and the others accept the request, the user can transfer its EXP to the others in party until the period expiration.

B. Pledge of Protection

i. When user A with this item uses the item to a target party member B and B accepts it, all damage from B will be transferred to A until effect expiration. This effect counts for both monsters and users, and the damage inflicted to A will be resulted by B’s defense.

C. Common regulations

i. Users in pledge must be in valid distance of party buff/EXP.
ii. The pledge may be invalidated when the distance of both users goes over the valid distance of party buff/EXP, as well as when one user moves though channels or worlds.
iii. The pledge will be maintained for 5 minutes after one user logs-out during party play.
iv. If one of the users withdraws from the party or kicked out, the pledge will immediately expire no matter the leftover period.
v. The contract must be made by 2 people. (One on One)
vi. 2 pledges of Sacrifice/ Protection can be made at once. If user A is in pledge of sacrifice with user B, user A can pledge with user C, or from user C to A or B.

Credits: Cabal PH

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