December 30, 2010

CardMon Hero's 2nd CBT Starts on January 6

So how are you guys? Did you miss the land of Aria?

Have you already planned a perfect mercenary line-up?

The wait is almost over.

Year 2011 will certainly be the year to look ahead as T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines finally announced the date of the second closed beta testing of their latest and highly anticipated card summoning MMORPG, “CardMon Hero.” Second CBT starts on January 06, 2010 with 24-hour server and ends on January 10, 2011.

Fresh from its grand first CBT success, CARDMON HERO GLOBAL, one of Hanbitsoft Inc.’s highly acclaimed 3D card-summoning MMORPG packed with extremely animated card monsters, opens its doors for the second time with a much improved game play which is expected to blow online gamers all over the world.

CARDMON HERO GLOBAL is a one-of-kind free to play MMORPG that features a card battle system allowing players to summon various mercenary allies to assist them in battle. Players take on the role of a Hero with a set of Mercenaries which are all fully customizable through a full featured crafting system. With this, the card system provides players the freedom of experiencing a very distinctive gaming escapade with cards that just can’t be found anywhere.

There are numerous quests inside and leveling won’t be drag due to the very low amount of grind. Heroes can assemble their very own deck of mercenary cards to guard them against the evil that has entered Aria. CARDMON HERO GLOBAL is based on the popular Korean free-to-play MMORPG Camon Battle, opened to a global audience and rebadged as CARDMON HERO GLOBAL.

Please regularly check the Cardmon Hero website for future announcement that we will make about how to register for CBT2 and the time that the server will open.

Getting a CBT Key

CBT keys were distributed last December 23, 2010 on the CARDMON HERO GLOBAL website home page where the application window can be found. Interested testers may also get their keys from the major partner sites. All options provide a player with an extra key code that can be shared to a friend. Codes received from partner sites can be registered in T3fun website to get an extra key code. Those with CBT keys can start downloading the game client as soon as announcements are made on the main site.

We hope that you’ll support us in this next step that we’re going to take towards OBT.

See you in-game soon.

Credits: CardMon Hero Global, F2Pgames

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