January 7, 2011

Business Tycoon Online: Investment Function Guide

1. Click Character --> Investment, or Investor --> Investment, or Click to check the progress on Logon page and tycoons can access to the page.
Character --> Investment

Investor --> Investment

2. Highlight Icons:
1) Requirement Highlights: When tycoons have completed a task requirement, the corresponding icon will be highlighted. For example, if a tycoon has "cleaned a friend's store 20 times", he or she can highlight the corresponding icon.
2) Direct Highlights: There is a new prop in BTO game: Guarantee. The Guarantee is for the investor, meant to gain trust and signify your business endeavor. Tycoons can also use Guarantee to highlight icons directly.

3. After highlighting all icons on a certain floor, tycoons can click the front button to get rewards.

4. If tycoons have highlighted 15 out of all 21 icons, click the top icon "$" and you'll get rewards, which is a 100 Gold investment for this month.

Note: Time will reset every 30 days. Any operation which matches the requirements of lighting the icons will be recorded and counted after the time resets.

Credits: Runup PH

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