January 6, 2011

Cardmon Hero CBT2 Major Updates

Here are some significant changes in Cardmon Hero that was applied in CBT2.

1. Mercenary Card Upgrade: Changed to Leveling System.

Example: Gaal Card (Level Requirement is 2)

Old Version: A successful upgrade of a Gaal Card will result to a +1 Gaal Card.

Present/Current Version: A successful upgrade of a Gaal Card will result to a Lv10 Gaal Card. Note that the level requirement will also change.

- All cards with level requirements below Lv 10 are directly increased to Lv 10 after the first successful upgrade, and 5 levels will be added for every succeeding upgrade.


Gaal Card (Lv 2) -> Lv 10 Gaal Card

- All cards with level requirements above Lv 10 are increased to the nearest succeeding level that is divisible by 5. Further upgrades would still add 5 levels to the level requirement.


Ark Taurus (Lv 37) -> Lv 40 Ark Taurus

2. All new base card stats have been increased.

- In the present/current version, the basic mercenary card (no upgrade yet) have the stats of a maxed card in the old version.

Example: The stats of a Teramir Card is equivalent to the stats of a +7 Teramir Card in the old version.

3. Card Strengthening Scrolls are still the items used for upgrading the cards. Type/s of strengthening scrolls and the total quantity of cards per type needed will vary according to the current upgrade.

4. Maximum upgrade level is Lv 80. Total upgrade count will mostly depend on the initial level of the card.

5. Stat changes for Awakening Job Change (Level 10) are:

- Unyielding Traveler: HP (Health Points), Physical and Magic Attack increases

- Mysterious Traveler: MP increases & Cool-time decreases

- Contractual Traveler: Mercenary summon time increases & Yellow Ark Stone consumption decreases

***Note: The stat changes for the 2nd Job Change (Level 30) was not altered.

Credits: CardMon Hero Global

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