January 28, 2011

iPhone-based Blade & Soul Being Developed

The famous South Korean game developer NCsoft has recently announced that iPhone-based Blade & Soul is being developed simultaneously, and they are recruiting developers for Blade & Soul Gaiden (translated), the iPhone version Blade & Soul.

The iPhone-based Blade & Soul, which was made public on last year's April Fools' Day, has actually entered the development stage, with its PC version and other versions based on multiple platforms in development as well.

Mobile Gameplay

NCsoft has recently disclosed the info about its recruitment of Blade & Soul Gaiden's developers. The iPhone & iPad versions of Blade & Soul and some other sub-titles in preparation are to be developed as well.

As NCsoft announced, Blade & Soul Gaiden is now recruiting server programmers, client programmers and major 3D art designers for its iPhone & iPad versions. In view of this, it's possible that NCsoft will employ more support staff.

Particularly, certain requirements are set for the major 3D art designers' experience in the use of Unreal Engine 3 and iOS. The iPhone-based Blade & Soul's video unveiled on the April Fools' Day last year was just something achieved by means of the engine applied at that time.

Later, the iOS-oriented engine developed by Epic Games will be used to render the visual effects of iPhone-based Blade & Soul if released. Actually, this engine's application will bring Blade & Soul's hardware performance into full play and strengthen its current 3D graphics too.

Blade & Soul's iPhone & iPad versions are more likely to be endowed with the graphics as excellent as those of the PC online version. NCsoft and Epic Games reached a consensus in this respect at last year's E3, and everything is just subject to the development progress of both the iOS-oriented engine and Blade & Soul.

Credits: MMOsite

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