February 12, 2011

Blade and Soul CBT Date

The long wait is finally over. NCSoft is set to launch their CBT of Blade & Soul around the end of April. OBT is scheduled to happen around August to October. NCSoft is hoping the announcement of the CBT for Blade & Soul will pull some attention away from its rival, TERA. However, most online gaming media has recognized that Blade & Soul has been causing quite a stir and the reactions and feedback from players at the recent G-Star event speaks for itself. Blade & Soul has had incredible amounts of feedback and very positive reactions from the gaming community. Many foresee NCSoft retaking a solid grip on the industry after the success of Aion and the now imminent MMO giant, Blade & Soul.

According to the rumor around the industry, TERA is a target of NCSoft and potentially their main rival. Not because TERA has a lot of subscribers and players that endanger Aion’s success but because TERA was made by those critical members once involved in the development of Lineage 3. Because of this, many thought Blade & Soul’s CBT was going to happen around the same time as TERA’s launch. However, that assumption proved false after several delays. The good news from this is that recently NCSoft had made a statement, unofficially, that Blade & Soul’s CBT is to happen around late April or early May.

The scheduled Blade & Soul CBT happens to fall right when TERA’s 3 month subscription ends. Most speculate that this is to bring the TERA players to Blade & Soul instead of them re-subscribing to TERA. Many say that Blade & Soul’s rivalry against TERA will start to begin around April. It is uncertain whether or not Blade & Soul’s CBT will affect the traffic of TERA and it is true that Hangame did its part in the success of TERA. Hangame will definitely not just stand by while NCSofts tries to lure away TERA players.

Blade & Soul’s launch is scheduled around August to October. Most speculate that NCSoft’s strategy is to bring some of the crowd away from TERA after 90 days of launch and then bring additional players by launching the game after three months of closed beta testing.

NCSoft’s primary services are all centered around the Q3 and Q4 sections of this year with the launch of Guildwars 2 and big updates to Lienage 1 as well as Aion’s 3.0 patch. The second half of 2011 is going to be a critical time for NCSoft. Will Blade & Soul successfully overshadow TERA? Only time will tell.

Credits: Digital Daily, http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/, MMosite

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