February 11, 2011

Cabal Mercenaries Expansion Manual Patch Password

Deep inside the maze of volcanic caves in Port Lux an ancient evil is stirring. Tendrils of ominous black smoke rises from cracks in the earth, and the ground itself shakes and trembles. Something is alive in the depths! Something big! Something evil! Rumours whisper of a fire-demon sealed away near the heart of the Volcano, but no seal can last forever... Are you brave enough to enter the caves? Are you strong enough to venture into the fire and the flames? Will you be the one to destroy the evil and end the threat to Nevareth?

CABAL Manual Patch Password: xCABALxMercExpansionx0210x

Lava Hellfire - Brand new DX Dungeon
Dungeon Type: Single player DX dungeon
Dungeon Location: Port Lux
Difficulty Level: Easy, Medium or Hard. A premium version is also available.
Dungeon Duration: 25 minutes
Entry Requirement: Level 110 (Battle Style Level 11) and a Ever-heated Lava Stone (entrance item)

Credits: Cabal PH and Cabal EU

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  1. ,ala naman akong nkuha!! 2 DC pko!!!!

  2. Me too. Didn't get any loot and DCd every single time.