February 6, 2011

Cardmon Hero FAQs

Cardmon Hero, surprisingly, does not have an extensive player guide compared to other MMOs out there for obvious reasons: the game is new and everyone's still trying to learn its bits and pieces.

What I have here is a fairly well done FAQ list about the game. Hopefully, we can all start from here and eventually come up with more guides before the game reaches its commercial launch.

Is there pvp in this game?

Currently the only form of pvp in this game is the 16v16 board battles in which you actually get to kill other players other than that pvp is not really a forefront in this game.

How many jobs are there?
There are currently 3 classes they are Summoner, Mage, and Fighter.

Which one is the best class?
No class is the best.It's really more about one's playing style. If you like casting spells and such, be a mage; want to be up close like a champion taking out everything, be a fighter; want to pawn with mass minions, roll a summoner.

What kinds of weapons are there?
Currently there are 7 trees of weapons and they are 1-hand melee, 1-hand magic, 2-hand sword, 2-hand magic, double-handed weapon(knives, fist), double-handed magic(orbs), and physical ranged weapons(bows and guns).

What are board battles and what kinds are there?
Board battles are mini events in which players basically work to achieve the objective stated. There are currently 4 types of board battles:

4v4 Survival/Boss Rush level 40-99: the goal of this board battle is for teams of 4 to race to defeat Doctor Octopus (Philer) and his henchman.

16v16 30 Kill Team Deathmatch Level 20+: the goal of this one is to simply kill 30 people on the opposing team.

Cow battles level 10+: kill cows and be the first team to gather 200 milks(be careful of cowgirl) and snowball/waterballoon/foodfight. Also level 10+ in which you aim to be the first team to eliminate 10 of the opposing team with the water balloons, snowballs, and so forth.

These board battles happen at random times. In order to access them, click the VS logo on the top right of your display and register for the room or you can go to any major town and click the wanted board to access the room.

What are medals and what are they used for?
Medals are items you receive for participating in board battles and are used to redeem prizes from their respective NPCs. Sebastian in Supelta redeems the basic medals and Benjamin in Meditaforce handles the high quality medals.

What can you get from the above NPCs?
With regular medals you can get level 30 armor for the respective class, large ark stones/crystals, adventure keys, Normal, Advanced, Best, and HQ Card Upgrade Scrolls. Sebastian also has Enchant Boxes for equipments along with 16v16 mode exclusive skills and assorted useful single use skill cards. Benjamin who takes high medals will give level 40, 50, and 60 epic armor sets for the 3 respective classes along with level 60 and 70 weapons.

What are adventure points?
Adventure points are used for dungeons in order to get in. As of now each dungeon costs 4 points. You have a default of 100 points = 25 dungeons and the points reset at 5 am eastern everyday. Daily quests and trophy boxes from board battles contain point cards which can increase your adventure points.

What stats are there and what do they do?
Power - Increases your Physical Attack power.
Dexterity - Increases your attack speed (Increases chance of double/triple attack)
Intelligence - Increases your Magic Attack
Wisdom - Increases MP and Mdef
Health - Increases HP and Pdef

On a side note the cap for each stat is 99.

There's a shield with a wing on the side of my character what does that represent?
That shield is a rank indicator so far there is Novice, Beginner at level 40, and Mercenary at level 50.

What are the materials that the card material NPC uses and how do I make cards?
The materials that the card material NPC sells are used in creating recipe cards. You must gather the required ingredients and then go to the card upgrade NPC and drag them into the slot to create the card.

How much exp do I lose a death?
1% after level 15.

How do I obtain coupons to exchange with avatar merchant?
So far the only way to obtain those valuable coupons is to dismantle costume pieces and rare items, examples of which would be a flame destroyer set (Female) and a lee bruce set(male). These coupons can be exchanged for rare items and costumes.

What is the cardbook?
The cardbook is a bestiary in which you can place cards for points that can be redeemed for items from the cardbook merchant in Supelta. It is also a basis of your ranking.

What are ark stones for?
There are currently 4 kinds of ark stones:
Yellow - Used to Summon Mercenaries
Red - Used to upgrade skills
Blue - Used to upgrade weapons
Green - Used to upgrade armors

There are also imitation crystals: white, black artifical, and rainbow which are used in high level item upgrades.

This game is pwning my fps rate how can I make it less laggy?
CTRL+E or reduce to minimum specs in options

How do I make a party?
To make a party, right click on the character, then select Register Group from the pop up.

How do I gain card materials past most novice?
For those you can upgrade materials just like cards at the card enchant NPC.

How do I refine/max refine level/other refine questions?
In order to refine you need to go to the equipment enhance NPC located in mostly every city. When refining past +1 if it the rate does not say success the item has a chance of exploding, degrading, staying the same or just upgrading.

You can use catalysts to aid in the upgrading process. There are currently 4 of which there's 1st class, 2nd class, 4th class, and Great(its Green). After +1 most items would probably say Caution. That means it has a chance to explode in order of rank to succeed from high to low is Safety>Caution>Anxious>Danger.

I notice people have piggies in town selling goods. How can I get one of them?
Good Question in order to sell your goodies all you need to do is go into the merc card shop in Supelta and buy the piggy for 20,000 then all you need to do is set it on a skill slot and summon it. Once summoned, click on it to set up your shop. Remember it will last 8 hours unless you have the 7 day shop ticket.

Credits: -Aisu- of Cardmon Global Forum

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