February 2, 2011

Cabal Episode V Expansion Update Notes

If you are one of those who have experienced bugs or technical difficulties or those who look forward to what this small patch would bring, read more for the complete update notes of the expansion patch:


1. Added Social Skill ‘Dance2′

2. Added limitation of maximum acquirable Alz in 1day

3. Added new DX dungeon (Lava Hellfire)

- Entry requirements: Level 110 or above (Battle Style 11 or above)

- Entry location: Port Lux (X:228, Y:60)

- Entry Item: Ever-heated Lava Stone

- Time limit: 25 minutes

4. Added new DX dungeon introduction quest: Sound from the Volcanic Region

- Level requirement: Lv. 110 or above (Battlestyle 11 or above)

- Start NPC: Port Lux Armor dealer ‘Agris’

5. Added feature of reporting abuse program users


1. Corrected error that the client crashed when a user tried to use a skill while there is no MP potions

2. Corrected error that other window programs were not able to run during CABAL client was running

3. Corrected error that levels of some potions on the agent shop was not shown

4. Corrected error that when a user tries to channel move after entering a dungeon and moves to Mission war by system UI, the client crashes

5. Corrected error that when a Mercenary was summoned while ’shadow’ option is on, the graphics were damaged

6. Corrected error that when a party member additionally entered a dungeon, the quest was not able to proceed anymore

7. Corrected error that when a Mercenary icon was registered to quick slots, the description was shown abnormally

8. Corrected error that disconnection occurred when a user tried to use bike/board Chain Attack skill during PvP

9. Corrected error that Rune benefits were not shown on the premium UI

10. Corrected error that stackable items on mail were not able to be received

11. Corrected error that when battle mode 2 is activated, it seemed that no EXP was being gained

12. Corrected error that when a Blessing Bead was sent via mail, item duration showed up abnormally

13. Corrected error that tool tips were still shown even when the Mercenary UI was closed

14. Corrected error that the ‘Normal attack allow’ option didn’t function properly during auto attack

15. Corrected error that HP boost effect was not applied when a character moved channels from a field

16. Corrected error that Personal Shop UI and Remote shop UI was overlapped

17. Corrected error that when a Mercenary attacks a monster, the HP of the monster will be shown abnormally

18. Corrected error that when a user exchanged Wexp, EXP was lost

19. Corrected error that when a user tried to move channels while having a item in its cash inventory, the character becomes unmovable

20. Corrected error that auto attack mode wasn’t applied during Force Archer battle mode skill use

21. Corrected error that the skill duration of battle style 2 was abnormal while normal attack option was disabled during auto attack

22. Corrected error that summoned Mercenary’s name didn’t’ appear in the party member list

23. Corrected error that leisure point looks like initialized when the user moved to another channel

24. Corrected error that the mission war channels are shown to the neutral characters during channel moving

25. Corrected error that double amount of War Exp was consumed during WEXP > EXP exchange

26. Corrected error that multi system UI was overlapped

27. Corrected error that destroyed objects in dungeons were lasting for a long time

28. Corrected error that when a user right clicks on the ground during auto attack, the character will stop attacking

29. Corrected error that when targeting character while trading was lost, the Level & name was not viewable

30. Corrected error that using skills while ignoring internal cool time was available


1. Changed so that users will be only be seeing enterable Mission war channels

2. Changed the difficulty level of Illusion castle – Radiant Hall

- Downgraded HP regen of certain bosses

- Downgraded attack rate of certain normal monsters

3. Changed the price of books which were dropped by Skillbook boxes to be 0Alz

4. Changed previous Lv 1 ~ 3 Excellent buff potions to be (Low) ~ (Highest) so that buffs may be saved

5. Changed ‘Character Function’ on ‘Display tab’ to be ‘Display’

6. Changed hardness level and rewards for some quests

- Reward EXP upgrade: Some quests between level 36 ~ 89, Hidden Helper T quests

- Quest item drop rate upgrade: Some quests between 38 ~ 89, Hidden Helper T quests

7. Changed Accessory items to be account bind which were sold by core alchemists

8. Changed that chatting history will not be deleted while channels move

9. Changed that the cash inventory warning window will not be shown while channel move

10. Changed agent shop UI to not be closed during no-response

11. Removed Christmas tree in Bloody Ice

Credits: Cabal PH

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