April 13, 2011

Enigma Online Now in Open Beta!

Enigma Online is a brand new martial arts-inspired 3D MMORPG. It boasts of a rich storyline, quests, beautiful scenes, spectacular attack effects and new dynamic combat system produced by multi-frame production format that will let players experience a whole new visual effects and exciting fight scenes.

To find out more about the game, see these videos:

Promotional Video

Gameplay Video

Choose your path and be one amongst the four strongest clans. Find more about each clan:

Key features of the game:

• PVP Intensified - with the new dynamic combat system, it will make your PVP experience more exciting.
• Deep Storyline - all in game quests are aligned with the story of the game. This makes your adventure more fun.
• Excellent Graphics - Graphics are excellent. It has scenic maps, lots of armors and weapons designs, and well-looking customizable characters.
• Skill Based Online Game - Learn as much skills available that can boost your character.
• Mini Games - the game offers daily mini games that give you opportunity to take a rest from the usual grinding and killing. It is full of fun and simple games!

Join the In Game Events for April:

Gang Race
Composed of 3 participants per guild.
The GM will announce in-game if the event is open for registration.
The location of the starting point of the race will be announced by the GM.
Locate the GM for the registration and for the final briefing of the race (the finish point will also be included on the briefing)
The goal is to survive and finish the race with your guild mates.

Prize: 500 Ancient Coins

Fb Brain Teaser
Like the official Fanpage of Enigma on Facebook (www.facebook.com/enigmaonline)
The GM will announce in-game if the FB event is about to start.
The first player to post a comment with the correct answer on the posted IQ Test on FB will win.
The GM will give the voucher (prize) in-game.

Prize: Potion Package

Enigma sa tag-init (Summer Theme Screenshot)
Take your best screenshot in-game with a summer theme.
The GMs will open a thread in the Enigma Forums where gamers can post their screenshots.
Post 1 screenshot in the official event forum thread with your character name.
The winner will be determined by the GM Votes and will be announced in-game and in our forums.

Prize: 500 Ancient Coins (through voucher)

Finding “Master Cyrus”
The GM will announce in-game if the event is about to start.
The GM will announce the clue on where “Master Cyrus” can be found.
Look for “Master Cyrus” and trade him to win a prize.

Prize: Potion Package

Clash of the Clans
Who’s going to dominate?! Which clan should be feared the most?! Prove that you’re the best in your clan and defeat the other representatives of each clan. Gain their respect and be the best of the best!

Prize: 500 Ancient Coins

Register here: http://www.runup.com.ph/register/register.php

Like us in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/enigmaonline
Enigma Online Forums: http://enigmaforum.letsmmo.com/

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