May 4, 2011

Aika Global Hauls in Big Changes

After today's server maintenance, the Aika Global Team posted an announcement in the official website. The future update features huge changes that will bring in more fun and excitement.

Mailing System – Coming Soon!

Introducing, the new Mailing system! You can now send mail messages to your fellow players, even when they are offline! Not only that, you can send items and gold through the mailing system as well! Also, this is where you will be picking up your items that you buy from the Auction House.

Unification of Consignment Shop– Coming Soon!

Aside from the Mailing System, there will be unification of Consignment shops among all nations! All nations will be sharing single consignment shop. There will be greater number of buyers at the same time, sellers. Unification of Consignment Shop gives opportunity for Elters to find variety of items with cheaper price.

**Important Notice**

We would like to request everyone to remove all items placed in their consignment shops (Sell and Item Storage) as they will be affected by the Consignment Shop Merge.

Nation Merge (Coming soon)
By next week (expected), there will only be 2 nations. Existing 5 nations will be replaced by 2 newly created nations.
· All Elters shall be exiled, and you will be allowed to join any of the two nations available. (All other details retained like level, pran, items etc.)
· Alliance Feature will be removed (Alliance Teleporter will also be removed).
· Country Quests will be removed.
· New Nation Names along with new flags will be implemented.
· Buddy List (Social) of All Characters will also be deleted.
o Please remove ALL GOLD AND ITEMS from your LEGION WAREHOUSE.
o Any gold or items that are lost shall NOT be returned if you fail to remove them.
· Make sure to strategize amongst yourselves which Nation to join (Nation1 or Nation2).
· All existing level 5 and above legions will be given the compensations that they deserved. (compensations are to be announced as soon as possible)
Compensation: With GM assistance, they will obtain the same legion level as the moment it was deleted. (applicable only to legion levels 5 and above) As long as they follow the following requirements:
- The legion name and master is the same as before.
- They would provide a screenshot and send it to (Legion master only)
· Events: Nation Wars 2 and Auction House will be postponed.

Credits: Aika Global

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