July 12, 2011

Ragnarok Online 2 to Kick off 2nd CBT on July 13

As announced by Korea-based Gravity, Ragnarok Online's sequel Ragnarok Online 2 is going to kick off its 5-day second CBT tomorrow, July 13, 2011.

As Gravity expressed, players came up with their opinions and suggestions actively after Ragnarok Online 2's first CBT and caring CBT. The development team has strengthened the gameplay content based on the feedback. Players are welcome to join the game's second CBT and test its system stability and new content.

What's more, the second CBT will set an extremely low threshold for players, that is, all members of Ragnarok Online 2's official site will be allowed to join the test. Isn't this great news for those keen on Ragnarok Online?

According to Gravity, in Ragnarok Online 2's second CBT, players will be able to appreciate not only Ragnarok Online's game concept but also more abundant gameplay content evolved from Ragnarok Online's advantages; in the future, players will have a better understanding of Ragnarok Online 2's background story, characters and many other things through the info and events reachable on the game's official site.

Ragnarok Online 2, which emphasizes its relationship with Ragnarok Online, will enable players to travel around a fantasy world as bright as the one presented by Ragnarok Online, and even its maps, monsters and NPCs etc. will make enthusiasts feel familiar. Additionally, the content upgraded from Ragnarok Online's key features, as well as some other creative elements will be detailed in Ragnarok Online 2, too.

Credits: MMOsite

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