July 22, 2011

Shaiya: Latest Content Expansion

With unique visuals and a compelling story that could be ripped straight out of the minds of the greatest of fantasy authors, free-to-play Shaiya recently released a content expansion.

In Shaiya, players compete for dominance over the realm of Gaia. Shaiya presents a land of wonder in an age of old where The Alliance of Light, consisting of Humans and Elves are engulfed in eternal conflict with the dark and malevolent Union of Fury, whose ranks are filled by the Vail and Deatheater races.

The latest content update includes:

Enhanced Armor With 25% More Protection, New Properties and Elements - Included in the latest expansion is the most advanced armor ever released. This armor is a guaranteed drop from the new instanced dungeon, available to all players who are able to defeat its guardians.

Cape Updates - The latest update enhances the previously-limited utility of capes, granting them the power to add additional bonuses to their wearer. Existing capes have their attributes rerolled, so if a player has already acquired a cape, their power will dramatically increase.

Return of Cryptic One Dungeon - The return of the Cryptic One Dungeon features six new mini-dungeons, each with new mini-bosses and challenges. These monsters provide the most difficult challenge to date in Shaiya. Successful exploration of the Cryptic One Dungeon will require the largest of parties to be equipped with the best of existing items.

Credits: MMOsite

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