August 10, 2011

Cabal Expansion Part IV : Memorial Sword Patch Notes

The patch notes for the next Cabal patch has already been released. So far the updates are promising but what else can we expect from ESTsoft aside from awesome? Featuring Bike Options and Crafting, a new Weapon, and new Mission Field, why would you not look forward to this?

Read on to know what I'm talking about.

Jul 13th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications

Fixed bug, sometimes Cash Inventory doesn’t work correctly
Fixed bug, in some situations, can not complete quests in a row
Debuff icons on monsters displays with abnormal size
Quests in dungeons sometimes stuck or failed
In some situations, “Title” tab displays abnormally
Fixed “War Clouds” dungeon quests error
Fixed bug, WEXP exchange sometimes caused error

■ Changes

1. Tooltip redesign

Changed the design of skills, items, now with left align, small icons and information parts are separated

2. Some quests reward changes

Below are the introduction quests for fields and mission dungeons

3. Change the display content of Title tab

When click in an acquired title, the information displays easier to understand.
Original: Title, Title bonus, Title description
Change: Title, Title bonus, Requirement for acquired title

4. Change bonus effect when wearing a full set

Change the bonus effect gained when wearing a full set of same grade items

5. Blended Runes are more effective

Original: Only one Blended Rune can be active and triggered at once
Change: All Blended Rune do not need to active, all of them are automatic active and can be triggered at once

6. Allow combining items

Allow combining items
Potion, Return Stone, Warp Stone : Max 50
Cash items : Max 999
Change the way of merging items
If the amount of total items greater than allowed limit, two items will switch the place
Example : 48 HP Potion Lv3 and 3 HP Potion Lv3
If the amount of total items smaller than allowed limit, two items will merge together
Example : 43 HP Potion Lv3 and 4 HP Potion Lv3
Switching items between inventory or warehouse pages applies the same rule above

7. Mailing system improvement

Add a button to delete all mails: Delete entire the mail (included the attached item and Alz inside)

Email confirmation window improvement: When sending mail, the recipient’s level, battle style and character name will be displayed in the confirmation window

8. Change items sold by NPCs

All the potions, return stones in 7, 20 and 30 stack will be deleted
NPC will sell all the items with maximum limit without Honor grade limit (Honor grade removed)

9. Receive Alz from Auction Hall message changes

10. Confirmation window when selling an item the confirmation changes

11. Added “Back” button in the character selection window

Added “Back” button in character selection window, by clicking will bring back to server selection window

12. Remove unused button in Pet Training System

13. Bonus EXP will be displayed without the base one

14. Some skills and monster sound changed

15. Change the name of some monsters for quest dungeon

Some monsters in quests dungeon have been changed the names

16. Added some information in the skill tooltip

Buff/Debuff duration, additional effect
Skill leveling condition

■ Additions

1. Granting option for Bikes

Change the Bike related items

Delete an existing bike kit items
Bike Upgrade Kit, Perfect Bike Upgrade Kit will be deleted

2. Bike extracting and Bike Option Scrolls

Bike Option Scrolls can be obtained by extracting Bikes and Boards
Bike Option Scroll (Medium) : Astral Bike – Blue, Astral Board
Bike Option Scroll (High): Astral Bike – RW3, Astral Bike – Blue, Astral Board
Obtainable items from extracting
Bike Option Scrolls: Chance to obtain (not 100% chance)
Material Core (Bike): 1 – 20 (100% chance)
Material Core (Bike) are sold in NPC for 5,000,000 Alz
Santa’s Christmas Sleigh and Unique Board (ex: Board of Phantom Pera) can not be extracted

3. Bike with slot, how to get?

Bikes can be dropped randomly with 0 – 2 slots
NPC Core Alchemist in Fort Ruina sells Formula Cards to craft Bike Slot Conversion Kit
Those Formula Cares does not drop in the game, can be obtained only from NPC
Bike with high upgrade grade has the more success rate in conversion
The Formula Card will be used and the Bike will keep the stats, only new slot is added
Required Basic Craft Level 8 or above to use those Formula Cards

4. Bike Options in Slots

5. Bike Epic Crafting

Bike Epic is a Specified Crafting, it’s not One-Time Formula Card based or Basic Crafting
Formula Card can be dropped from the Boss in new area of Lakeside
100% chance to succeed when trying to craft with sub-epic 1-3 (Bikes are still tradable)
Other stats of bikes are maintained
Material for Crafting Blue Bike
Astral Bike – Blue (2 slots / 3 slots) +7 or higher
Material Core (Bike) : 20
Upgrade core (Medium) : 20
Upgrade Core (Piece) : 50
Material for Crafting RW3 Bike
Astral Bike – RW3 (2 slots / 3 slots) +7 or higher
Material Core (Bike) : 20
Upgrade Core (High) : 20
Upgrade Core (Piece) : 50
Epic Bike Options

6. Mission field: “Saints’ Island”

New area is opened in the middle of Lakeside
New area can be accessed by using the Statue near the entrance of Illusion Castle
Mission field allows only characters with Nation

7. “Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon

“Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon can be dropped from “Baikalitan” boss in Mission Field “Saints’ Island”
The nation gives more damage on “Baikalitan” boss can be obtained the “Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon
After the item dropped, there is 30 second of waiting time
“Baikalitan” boss
In all server, every Sunday at 20:00 for 30 minutes (this is Korean schedule), people can encounter with this boss
The boss will summon monsters around the field
If killed them, character can obtained cores
There is a gauge to display the percentage of damage on the boss when enter the mission field

“Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon

This weapon can be used with special Buff
This weapon can be used in Battle Mode 2
This weapon can be owned for 7 days

- Skill Info -

500 HP
50 Defense
Resist Crit. Rate 10%
Resist Crit. DMG 20%
Resist Skill Amp. 5%

Area 8
Consumed MP 500
Consumed SP 5000


When the boss appear, there will be a broadcast on all channels
“Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon owner and Guild name will be displayed

8. Introducing quest for “Saints’ Excalibur Force”

Quest Name: Saints’ Excalibur Force
Required Level: Lv. 110 or higher (BSLv. 11 or higher)
Start NPC: Core Alchemist Yerte – Port Lux

9. “Saints’ Excalibur Force” special Buff when owning “Saints’ Excalibur Force” Weapon

10. Add a new quest

Quest Name: Another way to unseal
Required Level: Lv. 85 or higher (BSLv. 9 or higher)
Start NPC: Core Alchemist Keller – Bloody Ice
Details: Collect 5 x “Power sealed core”
Quest items will drop to 100% from Mergaheph
Reward: “The sealed core of Mergaheph”
Quest items and Reward are Character-Binding

11. Formula Card to craft Mergaheph Ring added

Material : “The sealed core of Mergaheph”
Formula Card is One-Time Formula Card
Sales NPC: Core Alchemist Keller – Bloody Ice
Sale Price: 99,000,000 Alz 0 Alz (Check the patch notes Jul 20th 2011 below for details)

12. DP expiring time displayed

DP expiring time will be displayed in Character window
Format: 24-hour (00:00)

13. Cash Item are sold in NPC in separated Tab

In-game cash item available for purchase
After buying, cash items will be move in to Cash Inventory
After buying cash items, Cash will be decreased like buying from Web Cash Shop
Add a button to move to the Cash Charge page

14. Add New Title

New titles are added.
Killed named boss in new field is required to acquire the title

15. Add the mute button on the jukebox

The mute button on the jukebox is available.
The mute button on the jukebox syncs with the Mute check box in the Options window

16. Community-related features are added in the character menu

The character selection menu: Write Mail, Guild Invite
Chat character menu: Guild Invite

17. Added message in the center of screen to notice that dungeon is cleared and prompt for additional

18. Pet level and experience of the pet in the extended slot are displayed

19. Added Material Core (Bike) in Auction Hall

Jul 20th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications
1. Potions registered in Quickslot display abnormally, bug is fixed
2. In certain situation, Soul Ability Window can not be closed, bug is fixed
3. Could not accept many quests in a row, bug is fixed
4. Some items, which player doesn’t reach the limit of wearing, do not display in red background, bug is fixed
5. Pet training window was displayed abnormally number of Force Cores, bug is fixed
6. Tooltip of “Cube of Enchant” displayed incorrectly, bug is fixed
7. Tooltip of Saints Excalibur Force Buff and Battle Mode displayed with incorrect amount of SP, bug is fixed
8. Purify Epaulet in Forgotten Temple B1Fdisplayed wrong information in tooltip, bug is fixed
9. In certain situation,the Check button of mail system caused Client terminated, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Excalibur Force Weapon

Raised slightly defense of Baikalitan
Added safe zone for Mission field in Lakeside
Pet is now invisible in Mission field Lakeside

2. Cash Items related changes

Change the name of Cash Item tab in NPC

- Items -> General
- Cash Item -> Cash

Cash items H / N icon added

- N: New items
- H: Popular items (Hot)

3. Skill, Skill Book tooltip modified

Skill Book orders: Skill Book displays the conditions
Skill Book: Requirement and battle style are displayed

4. Some items sold in the store changes

Price of items which are selling by NPC changes (not the selling to NPC price)

5. Sound of some skills are changed

■ Additions

1. Add a button on the minimap

Help on the minimap allow to go to character information, inventory, quests window are added
Options – Display tab “Shortcut button on the minimap display” option

■ Mission War

1. Tooltip displayed for HP amount in Mission War sometimes incorrectly, bug is fixed

Jul 27th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications

Fixed the bug that caused disappearing of mouse when editing guild information
Quest “Those who wander in the darkness” is now fixed, can be finished
In some situations, starting location in Illusion Castle is abnormal, bug is fixed
Remote Shop Card caused DC in some situations, bug is fixed
In some situations, Force Archer’s Astral Bow caused error when summoning
Bike Option Scroll in Auction Hall caused error when searching, bug is fixed
Saint’s Island sometime caused error when entering
Fixed bug of changing channel / server messages
“Sage’s Tower” quest is now fixed the ending scroll bug

■ Changes

Adding buddy changes
Confirmation window will be show with Name, Level and Battle Style of requester
A buddy who is receiving a request of adding buddy can not be requested to add as buddy
Some changes added to guild system

■ Additions

Fixed bug that caused client could not handle file manipulating


Aug 03rd 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications

1. Under specified cases, changing channel caused jukebox error, bug is fixed
2. Quest for Saints’ Calibur Force Weapon can not be accepted, bug is fixed
3. Gauge represent for HP of Boss in new Mission Field displays abnormally, bug is fixed
4. Bonus from Astral Bow of Force Archer doesn’t include when using Saints’ Calibur Force Weapon, bug is fixed
5. Fixed some bugged scenario and dungeon quests
6. Average price of a Auction Hall sometimes displays abnormally, bug is fixed
7. Back / Forward button in Auction Hall works more correctly without reset searching conditions
8. Forgotten Ruin field doesn’t drop “Force Core (Low)” formula card, bug is fixed
■ Changes
1. Change Potion crafting

Buff potion (Low) : Disc (Lv1) x 3 + General Material x 3
Buff potion (Medium) : Disc (Lv2) x 3 + Buff potion (Low) x 5 + General Material x 2
Buff potion (High) : Disc (Lv3) x 3 + Buff potion (Medium) x 5 + General Material x 2

2. Fury Potion change the way to craft
3. Buff Potions changes

Buff Duration raises up
Special buff potions : 20 seconds -> 30 seconds
Other buff potions : 3 minutes -> 5 minutes
Buff Value raises up

4. Added “Show item tooltips” in Options > Display tab
5. Premium benefits that are currently applied will be displayed in Premium icon
6. Icon of empty slots in the item tooltip changes

■ Additions

1. Add button to active “Caps Lock” in Login screen (where to enter game ID and password)

Aug 04th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications

Auction Hall charge the fee for sold items sometimes abnormally, bug is fixed
Fixed bug while Force Shielder casting Astral Weapon caused errors
Extract Potion STR/DEX/INT do not give the free stat points back, bug is fixed
Newly acquired skills which are marked with "NEW" after changing the slot position display in abnormal position
In confirmation window when buying DP cubes, the DP amount will be spent does not show up, bug is fixed
Premium benefits in some special cases do not update the total benefits


Aug 10th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications
  1. Sometimes system displays abnormally or incorrectly owner's name of Saints' Excalibur Force Weapon
  2. Premium Bonus in Party sometimes does not apply
  3. Under specified cases, while entering the dungeon, the client can be terminated

■ Changes
  1. Change Quest Reward
    • Some quests which reward Skill books will be changed
      • Old : Skill book
      • Change : Alz
    • Alz reward of some general quests are slightly decreased
  2. Buttons to + / - for skills in skill window change
  3. Tooltip of some buff potions change


Aug 17th 2011 Patch notes

■ Modifications

  1. Animations of some skill of Force Shielder are displayed incorrectly, bug is fixed
  2. Force Shielder weapon status in warp room error, bug is fixed
  3. Bike Epic Manufacturing Formula Card can not register in Auction Hall, bug is fixed
  4. Pet information in some situations are displayed incorrectly, bug is fixed
  5. Some Epaulet Gift Box which are designed for specificated classes caused bug when register in Auction Hall, bug is fixed
  6. Accessories updated with new tooltip design

■ Changes
  1. Damage Amplicator Buff changes
    • Damage Amplicator Buff changes
      • Old: Low / Medium / High / Highest
      • Change: Level 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
    • Damage Amplicator Buff outputs randomly 50/100/150/200 in manufacturing progress
    • Old Damage Ampilcator Buff will be changed into Level 3 - 6
    • For details view below tables


Aug 24th 2011 Patch notes

  1. Some quests that caused client disconnect or abandoned the connection to the server, bug is fixed
  2. Cannot register items when using personal shop, sometime items are displayed in red
  3. EXP bonus from Blessing Bead Plus in party sometime does not apply correctly, bug is fixed
  4. Battle Modes caused error in some situations with the attack-ability without Battle Mode animation and effect
  5. Fixed some bugged quests
    • Name of NPC in some quest scripts
    • Quest "ASC controller" script typos
    • Quest "Lair of Destruction" is modified
  6. Delete general quests caused errors in some situations
  7. Sometime more than one confirmation windows are displayed, bug is fixed
  8. Fixed the list of DP Cubes from NPC DP Reward Peticia

■ Changes
  1. Auction Hall provides a better way to search among Option Scrolls
  2. Changes related to Benefits information window (Ctrl + R)
    • If the benefits of Premium services are in active, the icon will be displayed as Green
    • If the benefits from PC Room (Korean PC Room Service) are in active, there will be a phrase in tooltip of Premium Benefits icon "Blessing Bead PC rooms"
  3. Change the way to obtain event items
    • If the item is Account binding : No dice rolling needed
    • If the item is Character binding : Acquired via rolling dice
■ Additions
  1. Add the color for displaying Alz consuming in Pet Training window
  2. Add into the notification tooltip some items which are sold by NPC
    • Example : NPC Core Alchemist Keller in Bloody Ice sales "Ring of Luck", things like that will be added into guide (help system)
  3. Notification of the items which were sold at Auction Hall will be displayed in additional window
  4. Add "Delete" button for General tab of Quest window
  5. Add "Drei Frame Epaulet" in "Epaulet" section of Auction Hall
  6. Add some items in Cash tab of NPC
    • Epaulet of the Dead, Seal of Darkness, Copy of Illusive Apocalypse, Another Dimesion of Apocalypse

    Aug 31st 2011 Patch notes

  7. Pressing Alt + Enter at login window will not press the "OK" button automatically
  8. Bugged quest items displayed incorrectly in Quest Window
  9. By talking with NPC caused error in Dream quest
  10. Fixed the alert messages
    1. Marquinas Outpost boss
    2. Altar of Siena B2F: Tilia C. Deviatre
  11. Some of the keys in Key Settings tab are impossible to verify new keys, bug is fixed

■ Changes
  1. GPS window now can be moved
  2. Delete the required level for using some potions
    • Fury Potion, Potion Glory

Sep 01st 2011 Patch notes


  1. Caused bug when trying to buy many DP cubes in a row, bug is fixed
  2. Caused bug when trying to change short keys for functions in Key Settings tab, bug is fixed
  1. -----

    Sep 07th 2011 Patch notes

  2. Fix bugs caused when switching between pets
  3. Jukebox mute button does not work while moving between channels
  4. Pet can not be unmounted after obtained some Pet EXP
  5. Fixed UI bugs
  6. Bugs while moving GPS window
■ Changes
  1. Change the text displayed for "Party Invite" in character menu (only the display text)
  2. Add the focus for the Quantity of items
    • Items purchasing
    • Registering items
    • Crafting items
    • Merging items in Warehouse
  3. Removing nested content in destroying items tooltips
  1. NPC Peticia in Port Lux sells "Cube of Challenge" (for a limited time)
    • Required : 7 DP
    • Output items : Dungeons entry items
    • Items Property:
      • Cube of Challenge : Character binding
      • Output items : Tradable
    • Features available only premium users

      1.  DP shop displays the amount of current DP in bottom right of window

      Mission War

      • Some cases, Force Tower can not be destroyed, bug is fixed

    Sep 14th 2011 Patch notes

    ■ Changes
    1. Remove "Cube of Challenge" from NPC DP Reward Peticia


Sep 21st 2011 Patch notes

  1. Error caused when Level 1 character tries to equip "Ring of Nippertrica", bug is fixed
  2. Using megaphone does not broadcast on all channels, bug is fixed
■ Changes
  1. Auction Hall allows changing the minimum/maxium quantity of items for registering or selling
  1. Cash Shop NPC tab adds Mercenary Card "Arionell (Normal)"
    1. Mercenary Name: Arionell (Normal)
    2. Single Passive: SP Regeneration 50 (every 3 seconds)
    3. Single Trigger: when HP is less than 50% heal +300 (20 seconds cooldown)
  2. Add the information in tooltip for Raise Spirit skill
  3. Add section for Cash Shop Buff Potions
  4. Add Mercenary Card Arionell in Mercenary Card in Auction Hall

Mission War
Some cases, BGM in Mission War plays abnormally, bug is fixed

Sep 28th 2011 Patch notes

■ Fixes
  1. Trying to equip accessories with duration caused client disconnect, bug is fixed
■ Changes
  1. Change the color of some item’s name
  2. Minor changes for Guild Warehouse
■ Additions
  1. Add confirmation window for Mercenary Card registration
Oct 05th 2011 Patch notes

  1. Some situations, Board in Giftbox version is bugged, bug is fixed
  2. Aura count down timer sometimes is bugged, bug is fixed
  3. Boards catergory in Auction Hall is now fixed


  1. Add Season 8 Guild Emblems (Korean only)

Mission War

  1. Some modifications added related to Chat system

Oct 06th 2011 Patch notes

  1. While dancing, weapons of Force Archer / Force Shielder display abnormally, bug is fixed
  2. Warp to Green Despair causes client disconnect in some situations, bug is fixed
  3. Images of HP/MP Potion (XL) in quick-slot display abnormally, bug is fixed
  4. Bugs related to Guild & Whisper chat, bug is fixed


Oct 12th 2011 Patch notes


  1. Under some situations, using many skill continuously caused client disconnect, bug is fixed
  2. Using auto attack with "Allow Basic Attack in Auto Attack" in Wizard / Force Archer Battle Mode 2 caused error in some cases, bug is fixed
  3. In some cases, the first attack of Wizard in Double Caster mode caused error, bug is fixed


  1. Allow to use up/down button while registering items in Auction HouseConsignment items from the store down the button is clicked during registration to change to modify the maximum value


Oct 19th 2011 Patch notes

  1. Sometimes the number of potions in Quickslot does not refresh
  2. In some cases, the first attack of Wizard in Double Caster mode caused error, bug is fixed
  3. Players can see name of opposite nation players in Safe Zone in Saints' Island, bug is fixed

  4. Can not use Normal attack in Battle mode, bug is fixe
  1. Allow to change quantity when storing / withdrawing items from Guild Warehouse

  1. Add Season 8 Guild Emblems (Korean only)

Mission War
  1. Some bugs of Mission War are fixed (Force Tower building, can not enter)


Credits: CursedSpirit of Cabal EU
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