October 20, 2011

Aika Global is Closing

For undisclosed reasons, the only MMORPG game I have played for a year is shutting down its servers on October 27. As we Elters say goodbye to Aika Global, we all know where we all be going now: To Aika NA or Aika SEA!

Below is the statement posted on the Aika Global website.

Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. We hereby announce that Aika Global shall close its servers on October 27, 2011. We would like to thank all our players who spent memorable time with us.

Premium items in your premium inventory (press “J” in-game) may be converted back to Tcoins. This does not include items that are already used or placed in the character’s inventory/storage. Follow the steps below in order to convert your premium items to Tcoins:

· Please take a screenshot of your premium inventory (press “J” in-game) and send it to our Mail Inquiry system. Please check the link to see the procedure on how to use Mail Inquiry System: http://aika.t3fun.com/News/Notice_View.aspx?page=2&post_key=17496.

o Remember to leave the items in your premium inventory. Once you right-click and use them, they will NOT be converted back to Tcoins. Once premium items have been placed in your character’s inventory/storage they are counted as USED and can’t be converted back to Tcoins..

· Once we check your premium inventory, we will remove your premium items. All those removed items will be converted back to Tcoins.

We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our friends who have stayed with us throughout this time. Thank you all for your support!


Aika Global Team

Personally, I can't really blame them for closing. The game didn't really take off as they hoped to. Eventually, the players just either stopped playing or transferred to Aika SEA. It was a good server while it lasted, with everyone blasting "please speak in English" most of the time.

See you in Aika SEA!

Credits: http://aika.t3fun.com
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  1. Bad news sa mga players na malakas na at nagspend ng much time sa game. That's the online life, hehe.