November 18, 2011

Genghis Khan PH: The Conquerors are Coming!

Mark your calendars this November 29, 2011 as warriors from all over the Philippines fight their way to conquer territories with their armies in the hope of becoming the next ruler of the land.

Gameclub, publisher of Crossfire, iDate, Weapons of War, Twelvesky2 and Dragona is going to release their latest MMORPG called Genghis Khan Online.

Genghis Khan is Kylin Games' first self-developed MMORPG that uniquely brings history and fantasy together in one epic game. Dive into the world of the Mongol Empire, go back in time to help build the empire, fight off invasions, and combat other kingdoms, based on the campaign of the historical Mongolian ruler. Players will enter the game and pledge allegiance to one of four kingdoms: Persia, Turkey, Russia, or Mongolia. 

Genghis Khan allows you to climb the ranks from new recruit to the army all the way to King or Queen of your chosen kingdom. Choose from 12 unique classes and 8 professions: Archer, Assassin, Crusader, Guardian, Monk, Prophet, Pyromancer, Rifleman, Shaman, Swordsman, Warlock, and Warrior. Train and breed powerful steeds to accompany you in mounted battle.

The game runs on a full 3D environment and will again be free-to-play with an item mall for micro-transactions.

Game Features

Fight on your mount!

The battle mounts in Genghis Khan are not just for fast transportation. It also gives a big boost in helping you unleash your skills. There are hundreds of mounts in Genghis Khan to choose from containing different abilities that may suit your character class.

Quest! Quest! Questttttttt!

Whoa! Who said this MMORPG is boring? Looks can be deceiving. The game offers a ton of quests held from daily, weekly to monthly activities and this would keep the players coming back for more. Look at that calendar, there’s always something to look forward to.

 Work! School! How can I catch up?

Not to worry! There are options for you to catch up with your EXP even when you cannot play or do quest.

The Theme Park offers the players the chance to pick up some EXP by roaming around the place, chatting with friends or just hanging out.

Another feature is to dance your night away to the Peking Club.

Gain EXP while inside the Peking Club and just watch your character move to the groove

There’s also a PVP feature, Guild wars, Territory wars and lot more in store for you here. So, come and join us! Begin your destiny with Genghis Khan PH.

Visit the following sites for more info:

Main Website:

Credits: Kylin Games

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