December 29, 2011

Howling Sword KR Updates with Second Job Class

South Korea-based EyaSoft's second MMORPG Howling Sword has gone under a revamp called "Reload" in November. Recently, it released a massive update titled "The Master".

The biggest feature of "The Master" update version is adding second-job classes into the game. Now, each of the initial eight classes has two second-job classes for players to select from, greatly enhancing Howling Sword' class system. In addition, the "Ancient Remant Temple" instance was officially released in the update and the transformation system has been greatly optimized and enhanced.

Howling Sword is a 3D action MMORPG featuring a controls system which is easy to pick up. Players can experience superb combats through performing diversified combo skills as well as taking advantage of the transformation system which is available starting from level 1. Developers indicate that the debut of the brand-new version allows players to experience more gameplay content which they hope will bring players distinctive gaming fun.

Credits: MMOsite
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