June 15, 2012

Einherjar Celebrates Father's Day and Gives Indulgence Mark Price Discount

Father’s Day is coming and Appirits has prepared a new in-game event for their players in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood from 13 to 20 June 2012 (SGT or GMT+8). Aside from that, they have also announced a new mini-event called “Week of Indulgence Mark price discount” for their players from 13 to 20 June (SGT or GMT+8).

The inheritance rate of elite Jobs and Blood in marriage will be increased dramatically during the event’s period. It is recommended that players make good use of this valuable chance to build up a strong and mighty generation of Viking warriors in order to protect their homeland from ruthless enemies.

Especially, if players log in Einherjar within the Father’s Day 17 June 2012, LP of all male characters who have at least one child will be maximized again! But this is applied only to units who are not in Cold Sleep status, so players should try to arrange their units properly to get this benefit.

Currently the price for an indulgence mark is about 20000 gold at the temple in Hedeby city. And during this period, players will enjoy a 50% price reduction to lower their notoriety.

The reason why Appirits makes up this event is to support players overusing the function of raiding. By raiding, players can earn gold, items and raise their notoriety to show their power upon other Viking leaders. But in some cases, they may want to have a low profile, i.e. lower their notoriety for some reasons. And that is when indulgence marks are useful.

It is recommended that players should make use of this valuable chance for a short peaceful time in their Viking territories.

And Appirits sincerely hope to share the spirit of Father’s Day with the Einherjar community, and wish players to honor their dear fathers with gifts, greeting cards and warm hugs.

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