October 12, 2012

Zombie Invasion at Rakion!

Ever wondered what Rakion's next event is going to be? Rakion will be giving its players an awesome treat! They've added new game modes, items and recurring side events- this will definitely be your best Halloween yet.

The event is from October 15 to November 19 2012, so you better check it out.

October 2012 Update

New Zombie Mode

Zombies are scary, don't you think so? Besides, how do you kill something that's already dead? There had been whispers of the dead rising from their graves and spreading some sort of plague. We're all a living witness of movies, comic books, and TV series that show that the dead literally walk the earth.

In Rakion, prepare to be zombified. Have fun fighting against hordes of zombies or even join their side and be one of the living dead. Rush, hide, hunt, and infect the living. Your ultimate goal is to spread the plague until the last of the living falls.

So how does the Zombie Mode work? One of the players will be the zombie. The zombie's main goal is to infect other players to help him with his mission. Either you survive until the time’s up or you end up infecting all survivors into becoming zombies, you never know what’s your destiny while the game is playing.

New Cute Bear Costume Released
Bears are cute cuddly creatures that everyone dies to hug, but if that bear carries a bow or a spear, will you still open those arms wide open?

As a celebration for the Halloween, this cute bear costume will be available in the cash shop, event point shop, or as a random prize in the Log-in gauge.

Succubus, the new Summoning Cell
Males, beware. A Succubus is a supernatural being that appears in dreams that takes the form of an attractive female to seduce men. In Rakion, Succubus are made more fun. Play summoning Succubus creature and get +50% EXP and Gold reward!

October Events

Here are the two of our monthly web events: Poke Chance and Attendance Check event.

Poke chance has returned!
Get the poke chances in game and try poking at the website now - you can get 99 level of the king creature!

Attendance Check event
During the event period, click ‘Attendance check’ every day. You can get Random point bag, Nak core,Event core and Risingsun set!

Credits: Softnyx Philippines
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