November 17, 2012

Rakion, Thanksgiving day event!

An unknown thanksgiving dinner was recently seen alive, headless, and is dancing on Battle Mode. With a stylish coat and groovy moves, Who wouldn’t think that this creature can pack a punch --- or kick someone else's behind?

This never-before-seen creature appears suddenly with a back-up funky beat and shows a warning to all Rakion players.

 The Destroyer

Everyone thought that the Destroyer, a powerful mechanical construct that once wreck havoc, is finished. Well, that's what everyone thought.

For a limited time, the Destroyer will be available in the Shop, pledging loyalty to anyone who can afford it’s services… and a cell point to summon it.

Armed with a deadly laser attack, an almost invulnerable armor, and a tenacious aggression. The Destroyer will walk once again, this time under the command of its master.

Gem Box, Buy One Get One, and No Level Limit
A new ex-item is now available in the shop. Get a chance to acquire a gem for your armors and weapon at less the price.

As a celebration to Thanksgiving, you can buy one item in the shop and get one free. Help a friend and give a gift, spread the love of Thanksgiving to all!

And finally, during the event all items and armors can be armed regardless of your level.

Enchant items are at 20% discount

Upon announcement in the Rakion website, facebook, and twitter, pump up the enchantment in your armors/weapons/cells during the event period. Buy enchant/refinery materials at 20% discount in the Shop.

Cash items at 30% discount

For 1 whole week, from 19th Nov 2012 After maintenance to 26th Nov 2012 Before maintenance. Buy Cash items at 30% discount.

This event is only available for a limited time.

New User Event

All new accounts registered during the event will have a free DragonScale Set* and Growth Necklace (3 days). And that’s not all, loadup 1000 Cash and get a free 1000 R-Cash**.

* The Free DragonScale Set is only given to the first character created of the new account.
** The free 1000 R-Cash will be given on 10th of December 2012. Unused R-cash will be deleted after a year

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Credits: Softnyx PH
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