April 7, 2014

Rakion PH Patch Updates and Events for April

Rakion PH and the guys over at Softnyx Philippines prepared plenty of surprises for all Rakion fans out there!

What is an Easter Egg? Aside from being hand-painted eggs that kids and the young-at-heart look for during Easter morning, Rakion uses the Easter Egg concept for their latest in-game festivities which all players will surely watch out for!

‘Emperor Set’ is released
Become the invincible to be the most powerful emperor. Check out the special effects of wearing items by parts~!

New costume ‘Prison Uniform’ is updated
The uniform of prisoners who escaped from the world's most dangerous prison wore.
Let's become the best villain!

New creature ‘Gargoyle’ opens to the public
Strong creature unleash with the skin that hard like a rock. Now, try to get this new cell.

Try drawing now. Winning items will be graded up automatically~
Gacha’s winning items will be graded up automatically. (grade is random).

Attain target levels!!!
Create character during the event period and achieve a target level of the character. Once attaining target level, various items will be rewarded.

Attain a certain No. of kills
Once you attain a certain No. of kills during the event period, various items will be rewarded

Free Stage Reset
Free stage reset will be offered for all characters.

Make 15 Level necklace mine
We will given out Taurus Necklace via the post as the Easter event starts.
Items will be given permanently if these items reached Level of 15 before the event ends.

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