November 25, 2014

Age of Kung Fu To Release Its First Expansion

Merely five months after it made its debut last July 25, 2014 in the country, Cubizone is set to release the first expansion for martial arts MMO Age of Kung Fu this coming December 2014.

Developed by Snail Games, the expansion entitled Ultimate Scroll, features two new ultimate skills, new school skills, eight forbidden instances, creation of tier 5 gears, a Marriage System, and the opportunity to become an immortal legend by competing at the Mount Hua Competition.


Through the Matchmaker NPC, players can now be married to each other. However, only the male characters are allowed to propose to female characters. There are four wedding plan options and the wedding is complete from the procession to the banquet.

Benefits of Marriage

1. Married Couple Skill: Seductive Stare Sword
2. Married Couple Arrays: Forever With One Heart Array, Together as One Array, Respectful Array
3. Tax-Exempt Trading: Depending on the luxury level of their wedding, a married couple will no longer have to pay taxes for their sales and purchases.
4. Married Couple Items: Married players can exchange the blessings they receive for lover’s costumes, mounts and other items.
5. Married Couple Titles: When a couple meet certain conditions, they can receive exclusive titles and benefits.


Each Sect has additional set of skills on the upcoming expansion.

1. Emei – Sword of the Jade Maiden
2. Shaolin – Dragon Claw
3. Wudang – Tai Chi Fist
4. Beggar – Dog Beating Staff
5. Tangmen – Hell’s Judgment
6. Scholar – Jade Flute Sword
7. Wanderer’s Valley – Thirteen Swords of Fatality
8. Royal Guards – Executioner’s Blade


There are 8 new instances that the 8 Sects may enter. To activate the instance, player must talk to an NPC inside their appropriate School.

Instance rewards:

Instances may drop vouchers for Level 1-4 Ultimate Scrolls. These vouchers are exchanged for the Ultimate Scrolls. The quantity of vouchers will depend according to the skill level.

Normal drops from instances are: work bench, rare herb, Internal Skill Script, Annotations of Ultimate Scrolls, etc.


At prompt of an appropriate event (called “Suppression Incident”), players can refine their equipment to gain Tier 5 equipment. This is done with a Life Skill NPC (Tailor, Blacksmith, and Craftsman) in the major cities.


There will be two ultimate skills in the upcoming update: The Sunflower Manual and Devour the Stars.


This is a monthly PVP tournament where players will battle for the five (5) titles in Jianghu: Easter Heretic, Western Venom, Southern Emperor, Central Divine and Northern Beggar.

Combatants will be fighting against the greatest martial arts treasure, The Heavenly Sword. This is the most powerful sword in Jianghu and only one martial artist can claim it.

This competition has 32 participants and an invitation will be sent out to players to compete in the tournament.

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