December 22, 2010

Aika Global Celebrates Christmas


Happy Holidays to all of you, our dear Elters!! We welcome you to the FIRST EVER Christmas in Aika Global!

This holiday, we are celebrating by making Aika Global’s main cities Christmas-themed. We don’t want to ruin the surprise right here, so you better just Log-in and check it all out!!

Aside from all the cosmetic changes here, there, and everywhere, we also have strange random drops appearing from all mobs. We’ll also have Sales for selected items as well. Finally, we’ll have new, limited edition costume sets for your prans!

Good luck, and season’s greetings, from Aika Global!

New Login Screen

Christmas Effect

· A HUGE Christmas Tree will be seen in Regenshein and Basilan.

· Snow effect will be observe right after the weekly server maintenance.

Christmas Gift Box will randomly appear in different Maps

· Each Christmas Gift Box may contain a Special Santa Sock

· Right click on the Special Santa Sock to get a random item J

Premium Item

· Limited Sale on:

o Hira Liquid Extracted Class B, C and D

o Kaize Concentrate Liquid Extracted Class B, C and D

· New premium item

o Red Santa Costume Set [365 Days]

o Red Santa Costume Set [Pran Kid][365 Days]

Credits: Aika Global

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