December 18, 2010

Aika Global Community System

The Community Marshall System has now been opened!

Community Marshalls will be the right hand man of the Aika Global Team in terms of managing the community. Community Marshalls will be gathering the concerns of the players from their assigned region as well as being a helping arm between the administration and those that are non-English players.

To all Elters:

The Community Marshalls shall be there to help you in-game. They shall help new players by answering questions, assist in quests, and assist in low-level dungeon runs.

Should new players need help or have any inquiries about anything in-game, then it is best to ask the Community Marshalls for direct assistance.

Some basic ground rules:

· Marshalls should not:

o Abuse their CM characters.

o Abuse other players, or their CM status.

o Use their CM characters in Raids.

o Help only their friends and legionmates while ignoring new players.

· Marshalls should:

o Help new players by answering their questions and concerns.

o Help new and low-level players in their quests and dungeon runs.

o Assist in events.

o Complete any tasks assigned to them by the GMs.

· Any violations of the above rules should be reported to the GMs, or to

Community Marshall Task

In-Game News Respondent:

• They will gather any in-game news that they feel is newsworthy.
• These news articles will be posted at their blogs and simultaneously updated
with their social network accounts, Aika forum and any local web site.
• They should gather at least 3 stories every week, consisting of 1 head line and 2 side stories.
• The statement should be not biased and should not favor any players. Also avoid racist statement. The story should be fair and all sides of the story must be considered.

Informative in-game guide and tips:

• Every week they should update their blog with tips and guides on how to help players with their journey/ quest inside the game.
• Guide and tips should be clear and with full details. Also we are recommending using images and videos to further help the reader understand the guide written.

In-game guide and helper:

• Every CM should be online with their CM character to address in-game concern of any players at Regenshein.
• They are required to be online at least 3 hours/day.
• Lead dungeon runs (Ursula Temple/Evgenia Lower and Upper/L’enfer Mines)
• Participate in inter-community battles (via Battlegrounds once available)
• Implement GM made mini-events.
• CM should be approachable and willing to answer and guide players with their questions. They can also use this time to gather information for their In-game news articles.

Aika Global Community System Frequently Asked Questions

What is this *insert nation here* Community?

Community legions are made to help new players and players who are struggling to progress in-game. They are here to answer your game related questions and assist you in your quests (NPC quests and dungeon quests)

*note: Our community marshals will only help those players who BELONG to the community. In other words, join the community before you’ll get assistance.

How do you join this “Community”?

There are 2 Community marshals assigned in-game. 1 for PvP and 1 for PvE, here is a quick list on which CMs are assigned to which.

For recruitment, simply ask our Community Marshals for invitation to join the community, minimum required level is 1 and maximum is 40.

*note: Our CMs will be monitoring the activity of each member. Non-active ones will automatically be kicked from the community. Joining and leaving the legion repetitively is NOT allowed.

What are the dungeons allowed for the CMs to run?

CMs will not entertain dungeon run request from non-members and is only allowed to do the following dungeons:

· Ursula Park (Normal/Hard/Elite)

· Scrapped Ship Evgenia Upper and Lower (Normal/Hard/Elite)

· L’enfer Mines (Normal/Hard/Elite)

If you see CMs who failed to abide this rule, take screenshot then report it immediately at

How do I graduate from the Academy?

A community member can be eligible to be a “pioneer” when he/she reached level 41. The player has the option to become a “pioneer” as early as level 41, they just have to ask the CM to include their names in the CMs daily report. However, when they reach level 45, they will automatically become a “pioneer”. Pioneers will receive rewards and freebies for being part of the community and the prize will differ based on the level they want to become as a “pioneer”

Level 41 – Premium mount package 1st set (White Regulus, Black Litsha etc.)

Level 42 – Premium mount package; 100 Portal Scroll

Level 43 – Premium mount package; 100 Portal Scroll; Evidence of Traveler

Level 44 – Premium mount package; 100 Portal Scroll; Evidence of Traveler; Potion of Destory and Defense

Level 45 – Premium mount package; 100 Portal Scroll; Evidence of Traveler; Potion of Destory and Defense; 3 pieces Hira, and Kaize Concentrated Extract D

*note: If you decide to become a “pioneer” you will be kicked out of the community. From there, you are free to select the legion that you want to join and become an elite elter!

Credits: Aika Global

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