December 19, 2010

How To Top Up Your Aika Global Account

A lot of Filipino Aika Global players still do not know how to top up their Aika Global accounts. Most of us are accustomed to buying game cards or purchasing the required game cash through Load Central. Aika Global uses a similar system, except that it takes a lot of getting used to.

Hopefully we'll see Aika Global top-up cards when the game goes commercial.

Purchasing Tcoins (PP Card) through MOL

To purchase T-Coins, take the third payment option known as the PPCard. It is essentially a key code that allows you to add Tcoins into your account. To purchase a PPCard code, please follow the following procedures:

1. Purchase MOL Points through their respective dealers (e.g. LoadCentral, 7-Eleven, etc.). They should then give you your MOL Points serial number and PIN.

Note: When buying, ask first if they are selling MOL. The PIN and serial number will be sent to your mobile number so remember to bring your cellphone with you.

2. Sign on to Money Online ( You may be automatically forwarded to a service localized for your country. If not, you may try to select a region closest to where you reside.

a. To register on Money Online, please follow the instructions provided by Money Online’s guidelines. You can find the registration button on the left side of their webpage. Remember your username and PIN!

b. Registration Link:

3. As you log-in, you will see all the possible Reload options available to you. Click on the option from where you purchased your MOL Points (e.g. LoadCentral, 7-Eleven, etc.).

4. Enter the MOL Points’ Serial Number and PIN on their respective boxes and click on “Submit”. You should now have topped up MOL Points into your MOL account.

5. Look for AIKA Online (Global). The game would be under the category of MMOs. Link:

6. Browse the denominations offered to you. Be default, the following will be available for purchase:

a. 5,000 Coins

b. 10,000 Coins

c. 30,000 Coins

7. These amounts correspond to the T-Coin purchase denominations available at The equivalent amount in your local currency will be displayed as well.

8. Select the amount of TCoins you wish to buy and click on the “Buy” button under each option. Enter your password on the required box and click on “Continue”. Continue the process until you receive your PP Card serial and PIN. Please take note of those numbers for future use.

9. Log onto AIKA Global’s Official Website.

10. Click on the “My Tcoin” option on the left side of the page and then click on “Add Tcoin”.

11. Select T3Fun PPCard. Fill in the Code field with the one from the PPCard you purchased.

12. Check the Purchase Agreement box and click “Add Tcoin” to add the Tcoins into your account.

If you need any help, please consult the Giant GMs that you can find in-game. Please remember that GMs will NEVER ask for your Password, character PIN, or any MOLPoint information.

Credits: Aika Global

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