December 10, 2010

Blade & Soul Game Test Party on Dec. 18

The highly-anticipated Korea-made blockbuster Blade & Soul is set to launch a non-public game test party on Dec. 18.

On Dec. 8, NCsoft posted a sticky thread on the official site, and announced that there'd be a surprise for players in Dec. However, it couldn't wait to unveil the mystery today, to which players respond enthusiastically and show much support.

Players can sign up for the party on the official forum, and the "Heroes" and "Swordsmen" who've registered officially can also apply for participation. Winners (final qualified participants) will be selected by means of lucky draw. The application will last from today to Dec. 12, and the corresponding winners will be officially announced on Dec. 15. At this year's G-Star which was held in Nov., Blade & Soul's trial version was made open by NCsoft, and was well accepted. The version to show up in the upcoming test party will be something evolved from the trial version at G-Star 2010.

Credits: MMOsite

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