January 11, 2011

Aika Global GMs Offical Statement

These GMs mean serious business.

An Aika Global player recently posted in the Aika Global Facebook Fanpage that his friend's item was deleted by GM Virtus on the assumption that it is a hacked item. The allegedly deleted item was crafted by the said player.

Here's the result of the investigation.

Aika Global Official Statement

It has come to our attention that there was an Aika Global player who posted an alarming statement in the Aika Global Official Fan Page.

Upon knowing this issue and as part of our procedure, our management organized an investigation of this case. We also coordinated with the Logs Team (the team who supervises in-game transactions and other activities such as player’s log-in/log out) to request for details that will help us to solve this issue.

Please allow us to explain first on how this issue started.

January 7, 2011; GMVirtus talked to PhxPeterNorth, a member of Phoenix guild. GMVirtus informed PhxPeterNorth that the item he bought from other player was a hacked item. As part of the hacked item restoration procedure, GMVirtus informed PhxPeterNorth that the hacked item will be deleted from his possession and PhxPeterNorth agreed to cooperate. On the same date GMVirtus deleted the hacked item from PhxPeterNorth account and returned all the gold/items that he used to purchase it.

January 8, 2011;
Rix Tan, an Aika Global player, posted a comment in the Aika Global Fan Page and a screenshot of his statement can be seen below.

We asked GMVirtus explanation regarding this issues and he stated that he never talked to RedVirus or any Aika Global GMs.
Below are the images of GMVirtus, RedVirus and Riko’s conversation regarding the issue.

Rix Tan and the rest of the players’ serious allegation against the Aika Global GM Team, particularly GMVirtus, in the Aika Global Fan Page do not have any basis or concrete evidence. We do believe that by this entire statement and the evidence presented, we have cleared our case, particularly GMVirtus who was directly involved in this issue.

We also have some friendly advice for all those involved: Please be more careful in your allegations and please gather enough evidence to support them because such serious and blatantly false statements may be taken against you.

We would like to remind all Elters that we are fair to our entire customer base at all times and we do not give preference to any particular player, legion, or nation.

Thank you!

T3Fun Aika Global Team

May this be a warning to all Aika Global players. May this set an example to all GMs of every online game.

Credits: Aika Global

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