January 10, 2011

Dragona (SEA) Rumored to Launch Beta Soon

Dragona will start Open Beta in Korea later this month and it's said that it will have an English version very soon. The game has confirmed to enter Philippines market last year and the recent information shows that Microgaming, the game's Philippines publisher, is likely to launch the beta testing for the English version of Dragona in Philippines soon. And there's word says that the game will open the global server in the first half of 2011. There's no official announcement yet, so stay tuned for more details later.

Class & Dungeon Gameplay Trailer

Dragona features eye-catching graphic, well-designed characters and fast pace combat. The core of the game, the dragon transformation system allows you to boost your powers by transforming to dragon. You may get more fun from this system since it allows you to transform part of your body and enhance specific abilities, which give you more freedoms on creating your own combat style.

Credits: MMOsite

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