January 15, 2011

Aika Global Nation Wars FAQs

Q: Who is the GM for each nation?

A: It’s a surprise.

Q: Can we attack Devirs on the time of the event!

A: it is upon the player’s discretion to leave the GM.

Q: Will the participating nations be protected from relic raiders (from non participating nations)?

A: No! It is in the discretion of the 3 non participating nations whether they will raid relics or help the 2 participating nation.

Q: Players want to know if the GM will not sell them out.

A: The GM will not sell out a nation, it all depends on the players if the GM will live or die.

Q: Players want a meeting held before the invasion

A: This will be done a 15minutes before the invasion (time may vary).

Q: Does gm have any route

A: No the GM may go on any route to avoid hostile forces and to reach his destination.

Q: can the assigned GM join a party or a squad for better protection?

A: yes, the GM may join a party or squad. But the GM will not be the party leader.

Q: can they form advance parties to secure or ambush a GM?

A: Yes.

Q: will relics be removed when nation wars?

A: No they will not be removed by the GM (GMs will not do anything on the relics). However, the 3 non participating nations have an option to raid or help the 2 participating nations during the event.

Q: will GMS have normal stats?

A: yes they will have normal stats

Q: Will GM act on his or her own?

A: Yes they may act on their own yet it depends on the players if the GM will live or die.

Q: How long will the event last?

A: Until the GM Dies or reaches its final destination

Q: Are we allowed to ask assistance from allied nation?

A: Yes you may ask for their assistance.

Credits: Aika Global

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