January 15, 2011

Aion 2.5 Hits Korea on January 26

It seems that NCsoft and NHN's one-on-one fight is about to begin. TERA just launched open beta in Korea and NCsoft today announced to bring Aion 2.5 to live server on January 26th. Although the 2.5 patch won't change the core of Aion, it revamps the game on several key aspects and more importantly, it's a prototype of Aion 3.0, the expansion that could drastically change the game.

Aion 2.5 features upgraded graphic that will also be applied in Aion 3.0. NCsoft takes Aion 2.5 for a transitional period and the current graphic will still be available in Aion 2.5 for low-end PCs

Customization is another part that gets a big update. It will implement the best character customization system in the world and theoretically, it can provide at least 100 million different faces. Besides, new movement system allows you to run and fight as a ninja.

For the 2 new instances you can check out the official patch note. In the current version, a low level player obtain almost no EXP if there's a high level player in his party, but this will be changed in 2.5 with the coming of "assistant system". You can expect to grind less and level fast.

According to NCsoft's Kim Hyung Joon, Aion 2.5 is the first step to realize the contents in Aion Vision movie and other contents to be brought in step by step, which will finally lead you to Aion 3.0.

Credits: MMOsite

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